Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by RoyalEngineers, Oct 19, 2007.

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  1. Can anyone shed some light on when and whether the Army will or will not be raising its minimum recruitment age to 18 years old?

    Something to do with Amnesty International and them not liking our statistics, so i'm led to believe, but I don't know whether the "act" has been taken on board or not.

    Thanks :)
  2. i dont know about this, but i highly doubt the age going upto 18
  3. Considering that the AFC has a 30 year contract, costing somewhere in the region of £45 million, I doubt very much that they could just scrap it. It's already law that soldiers cannot serve on operations until they are 18, and up until they are 18, recruits can leave through the "unhappy soldier" route and be out within 2 weeks. If we raised the minimum recruiting age to 18, our influx of soldiers would be cut by approximatly one third.
  4. From what I understand, ATR Winchester will close next year and re-open as a Junior Leaders training establishment, if that is true, and I stand to be corrected, that I doubt they are raising the recruiting age to 18.
  5. If Litchfield and Winchester are closing for CMS(R) where will the training take place, and more specifically will this reduce the number of places available on each course reducing the number of Phase 2 soliders available?

    If this happens surely there will be a knock on effect for the field Army to continue with soldiers signing off and less soldiers signing on?

    There are major issues with closing an establishment like Winchester, and not having enough places on other courses within the remaining depots.

    I for one (I passed out from there in 1998) found Winchester to be an excellent training establishment, well located with good and accessable facilities.

    I wouldnot be happy with Pirbright unless massive investment is made in accomodation etc prior to the closing of Winchester, it is bad enough the Litchfield is closing, without Winchester aswell.

    Surely they cannot afford to close 2 depots to CMS(R) training at the same time and load Pirbrigt with the extra recruits, there would not be the facilities in place.

    Feel free to correct me/update me if I am wrong.

  6. I'd heard they were converting Harrogate into a CMS(R) establishment rather than an AFC
  7. Pirbright has changed beyond belief, I was there as an instructor fom 99 - 2001, it was in the process of opening a newbuild then. I drove through the camp the other day and hardly recognised it.

    There are brand spanking new buildings everywhere, and more being built, project slam signs are up around the gaff, the place is huge and is probably going to become a super crow factory!

    I have now doubt that by the time the other ATR's close, Pirbright will be able to accommodate the whole army!
  8. better not soon...
  9. Well AI was definately seeking action in the report I read so I guess the Army is doing something to shut them up, hopefully nothing too major :)

    The main recruitment issue is lack of civvie understanding..
  10. Have you a link to the report?

    Recruiting Group Upavon may like to view it.

    Old article but they can't have changed their opinion :oops:
  12. I went to a presentation day recently and they said the age was going up, but I think thats just for a few jobs. I think its only going up by a few months, and it wont be happening till next year.
  13. It would be harder to brainwash scheme if they are older.

    With all the drugs and drink many would also not be fit for purpose by their 20s.