Age old REME arguement....Brats v Crunchie

Discussion in 'REME' started by Heywood_Jablowme, Jan 13, 2006.

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  1. it is obvious that there is a cavernous difference in calibre between those who joined the apprentice college and those who joined over the road (proper crunchies) and those who joined in pirbright (fun sized crunchies). why are Brats so obviously superior? is it because the adult recruits think they know better because 'they've seen a bit'? (although what they've seen rarely amounts to anything relevent to the REME before they joined).
  2. Im a Brat, i dont think that theres any difference.
  3. this isn't a fence sitting arguement. obviously there are the few who have the charisma bypass.
  4. Im a now long in the tooth brat, having stuck my head above the parapet and had a good look round i must say that its the brats of my era who are all still hanging around,good and bad. Whereas the crunchies in the trade seem to have made a wise choice and departed early to enjoy the outside world, which most brats would not remember. Brats were almost all serious about a full career and were totally indoctrined at Arborfield to believe they were the future of the corps, in my case how wrong they were. Nowadays it no longer matters which side of the fence you were on, its all gone for a ball of chalk.
  5. Well then, i think once you get out of the Naafi break you will see that once that tool box opens then were all the same.
  6. Those days are long gone, although i like the kitsch put down attempt with the Naafi break thing. have you attended the B2 Jimmy Tarbuck Comedy Course for those terminally short of thought?

    i realise the irony of starting an arguement with a brat is technically brat 'v' brat, but what the hell.
  7. There appears to be a higher number of ex brats progress through WO rank and complete 22yr, though the calibre is not necessarily higher. Their initial longer training (including leadership, comd tasks etc) surely primed them that bit better prior to earlier attendance on PAAB than their crunchy counterparts.

    Personally I sh@t out by being a 17 year old crunchy (with 99% of PMC being older than me!! ).... Bad timing by my civvy mother I think!!

    Did that make me an inexperienced crunchy?
  8. Fecking Crunchies!
    All fed full of that old Urban myth/story 'bout the visit to PMC. "Yeah i went down there and some Knob with red stripes told me to swing my arms, i just looked at him and said Feck Off!"
    Crunchies remember, the only time you came thru those gates were as a squad to go to the Assault Course or as a Biff going to the sick bay. Creatures.
    Crunchies i sh1t 'em oh and one year Apprentices too!
    Opps nearly forgot the minging black bandies as well.
    (God im an angry man!)
  9. Catch dont forget the medics!!

    9 times out of ten I can tell if a person is an ex apprentice or not.

  10. I used to regard the 'Brats' course as a three year indoctination in how to skive. Came to the real Army knowing all the time honourd tricks for avoiding work that did not intrest them and would take Herr Crunch a while to learn.
    Having said that I knew many very good tradesmen who came through the course, but there was always that know all element who let the side down.
  11. I am proud to be an "Ex Brat" I am so proud that I even failed my exams to stop 6 months longer, don't know what you are all sneering and laughing at, good scoff, go to SEE next door already a legend in your own lunchtime, fantastic! I don't know why crunchies have such a hard time on us, maybe its just a wee bit o jealousy they didn't take the smart move into the "force" earlier? heaven knows eh! Must say thought times at Arborfield were bang on, and there was **** all like bein on stag as a brat when the Brams kicked out on a friday and havin to give some Pick Helve Supper :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  12. The Bramshill Hunt ! oh what memories.
    Must be getting sick in mi old age.
  13. I know quite a few ex-brats who say if they had their time again they would have stayed at home and played with ther mates, feeling that bratz with all the exra curricular weekend beastings and other unsavoury activities would have best been avoided.

    There is some evidence that ex-brats have a better hit-rate in reaching WO1/2 but is that still so and how much is because the cream rises to the top no matter what? Any tiffy can say anything with statistics.

    This argument is usually started by the ex-brat thus proving that they never trully grow up.
  14. Ha ha
    Sorry DD of course the dreaded body bag fillers!
    And AT Bonshor (if thats how you write it) Dental dude!
    So yeah i hate Crunchies, one year Apprentices, Minging Black Bandies, Me Dicks and Dental Corp blerks!

    Certainly miss Characters like Big Ted too.

    As for staying at home and playing with my mates Maj Boothroyd, i lived fairly close so my 36 or 48 hour pass was spent getting methed with Civvy College=nil cash mates!
    Brats rocked!
  15. whares yer hat twat?