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I ran a search for this, convinced I'd read a thread on it before, but came up with nothing. Anyway, this is a bit of a public service announcement for all you RTS fans on ARRSE: Age of Empires has now been re-released as a Free2Play MMO. I downloaded it through Steam yesterday and so far it seems to be pretty good - nothing special, but fine for a freebie. They've made it a lot more cartoony than previously, and there's a loot and levelling system that seems to map pretty well to the RTS genre. The money-making is done through the sale of in-game items and and tribe packs, although I've yet to see how much impact it has on fairness. The game is not solely PVP, with AI-driven quest/campaign missions and multi-player co-op vs. AI "skirmish battles". In fact, PVP does appear to be a paid privilege - although a lot of the game unlocks with one purchase, and Steam currently have the necessary bundles on sale at about £3. You'll need a GFWL account if you haven't already got one, and the integration of the two platforms makes things a little annoying at first. I had a number of errors trying to log in, which were resolved by me logging into GFWL through my browser and accepting a new TOS agreement. Once you get past the teething issues it seems to be quite stable. If any of you give it a go, drop me a PM.
I played this back end of last year. Enjoyed all the single player stuff - but seemed to get as far as I could . Spent a bit on it too!
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