Age of Conan

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by bwtsninja, Feb 28, 2009.

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  1. Oh Oh another kid ninja ( No income No Job No Assets) m8 this is an army site not the fkin Domonic Diamond Review..

    Suggestion: Get down the market get some DPM's, dress up and buy a copy off "Call of Duty"

    Then youll be a real soldier ! :oops:
  2. You might have noticed the title of this forum mate..."ARRSE Online Gaming and Computer Advice"?

    Its where folks talk about games, computer and all related gubbins. So yup, funnily enough you do get Dominic Diamond stylee reviews of games in here. If you want to be a sarcastic unfunny cnut then fcuk off to the NAAFI and post there. :roll:
  3. Seconded.
  4. i wanted to play it, but i still need a better computer and everyone says its cack.

    doubt i will play it now becuase nobody else does.

    shame, i thought it looked quite good.
  5. <i wanted to play it, but i still need a better computer and everyone says its cack.

    doubt i will play it now becuase nobody else does.

    shame, i thought it looked quite good.>

    Mate its awesome , a lot of people left the game when it first game out due to the bugs etc but its sorted now and more and more peeps are coming back . It pissed all over WOW/Guildwars etc

    AOC v WoW
  6. i will buy a better computer then and give it a bash.

    i tried that warhammer online one, but i thought that it was pointless.

    thanks dude!
  7. Thirded! :twisted:
  8. Fourthded .. is that a word?

    As to the OP, I played it from beta and for about a month or two after release. It seemd to have great potential but the bugs and lag were an absolute joke so I quit and haven't been back since.

    The combat, although a little different, was little more than a slight variation on button bashing, It could of been some much more inovative.

    Edit due to Monday morning mong fingers
  9. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    Tried it as well as Warhammer but went back to WoW - Wotlk is a huge jump from TBC and Vanilla and is actually a lot of fun.

    If you're playing or want to play drop me a line to get started on a PVP EU realm.

    And yes it is the crack of online gaming.

    An Arrse Guild could be fun though.
  10. Have you ever tried the Onan Game whilst on your 'puter? Much more fun.
  11. BrunoNoMedals

    BrunoNoMedals LE Reviewer

    Warhammer Online all the way :)

    I was tempted to try AoC but something put me off. I can't remember my initial requirements assessment, though, so don't know what specific point that was! I think there seemed to be too little variation, and it was too PVP heavy. May well be wrong, though.
  12. i quit wow after i got to lvl 80, having item resets at the burning crusade was slightly annoying but i gave it a chance,more item resets for wotlk just made me hate the game, no matter what you do they will reset the game and you lose everything you have earned by comnig to raids and shit. im now playing eve online and i find it far more interesting than wow
  13. i would go for that guild, what realm you on mate?
  14. Tried AOC, as said above it was bugged to bits shortly after release and ruined the game for me. went back WoW on a US server due to posting and have just started Warhammer online. Really enjoying WO totally different from WoW and AOC.

    If anybody is playing either game on a US server give me a shout.