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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by vor033, Mar 8, 2007.

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  1. Hi,
    Can anyone tell me if the rumour about the TA changing the max age limit for joining from 32 to 42 are true or not ???

  2. Thats great thank you for that and the link
  3. Do you know when that comes into effect?
  4. April 07 I believe
  5. thanks for that, I'm ex reg and I talked to a woman today about joining a TA unit in Bristol as my other half is posted there, she said that cause I'm over 35 I'd only be able to join a specialist unit. Shouldn't really matter now if they are changing the age limit. You'd of thought that they'd know about the change coming into effect!!!
  6. The change comes into effect on 1 April 2007. Hardly anyone knows about it, so be sure to print out that DIN at the bottom of the page linked to by TopBadger so that you can wave it in front of those who won't believe it is true.
  7. Considering that the Army have raised their maximum age for full time soldiers to 33 and now with the TA to 43, would it be possible to join a TA unit at 34 then a couple of years down the line transfer into a regular unit?

  8. Shakes head in disgust :thumbdown:

    As a ex-reg you can join an independent unit over the age of 34 RIGHT BLINKING NOW !!!!, I know I joined one at 37 and I'm not the oldest recruit, we have recently had a number of guys OLDER than I asking to join up, 3 of them even did a full 22 yrs service. I myself had 6 yrs out of green before rejoining and we have one lad who is in the process of joining the same age as me (joined up in 87 same as me) and has been out for 10 yrs, it is very very possible, the only thing is you need permission and that down to the unit OC, if he/she writes a good letter with the right justification and then you are in.

    The line this girl , who I am taking is a civi clerk, is the offical line, I'm not saying shes wrong it just she doesn't seem to an tot bend the rules. If in doubt phone about / visit other units you will be suprised, one of the guys we have just took on spoke to at least 4 other units and got the "over 34" line at most but we sadi no probs come along. I myself spoke to 3 units and all of them were happy with my advanced years, its all about what you have to offer.
  9. NOT_FINISHED_YET - I think it would depend on what corps and trade you are, back in the days I did 12mths mobilization, then a special s type and then after an other year transferred to an open eng, but I was only 26 at the time. Can't see them offering an open engagement to someone over 33, they might offer you ftrs over a fixed term tho.

    DR EVIL - It's another case of the arrse not knowing what the elbow is doing,(or is that the right foot not knowing what the left foot is doing?, been at home with the little one for the past year and my brain is beginning to turn to mush!!) Anyway it's just like the time I read the DIN on Career Breaks, went along to my SPS Branch to enquire about it, they phoned AGC MCM DIV @ APC and they didn't have a clue what we were on about. After about a week they got back to us and as they were undermanned in AGC SGT's they said they wouldn't support my application, well guess what they're now undermanned by one more AGC SGT cause I got out!!
  10. cheers Wellyhead, thought it was a bit strange, I was in TA b4 I went Reg and remember some right old wrinklies, hey now I can be one of them!! Woman I spoke to was from TA enquiries line (got No fm army website) am going get the unit phone numbers and spk to them direct!!
  11. Cheers Patti :thumright:
  12. Well, I decided I wanted to rejoin before my 33rd BDay, been beasting myself to get fit again and then they go and announce this. I did speak with the online recruiting office a couple of days ago to ask about something irrelivant and they didn't have a scoobies :) So I linked it. Worrying that Arrse knew about it before them!

  13. Cheers for the tip Wellyhead, spoke directly to the RAO @39 Sigs and he near enough bit my hand off!! Said it would take about 3wks to get me all up and running official like. Really looking forward to it, SH1TE, I suppose I'd better get off my lardy arse and get myself running round the airfield :sweatdrop:
  14. We have a couple of ex-psi's in our unit (infantry) who have completed their full 22. Age didn't seem to enter the equasion!