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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by homer2418, Jan 7, 2007.

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  1. Now the regular army has increased the age limits for recuitment, does that mean the TA are going to follow suit
  2. msr

    msr LE

    No, they are just catching up ;)

    Watch out for their officers being able to stay in until they are 60, sometime this year.

  3. Theres an age limit in the TA ? Shhh don't tell our recruiting team
  4. MSR is that serious!

    I presume if so, it would be rank-related also?
  5. Don't knock it Mashers, as long as they can do the Phys, surely there isn't an issue.
  6. You misunderstand me Preatorian.

    I am currently out (Well, instructing senior cadets with ATC), due to being an old fart.

    But I can see a potential loophole for me to get back in, and yes, I can still pass the current fitness tests :)

    That would be a result!
  7. Try a specialist TA unit, on my intake there was a guy of 52 and i was the second oldest at 41.
  8. The upper age limit for TA officers has been extended to 60. This is not, however, a guarantee of service to that age. For an officer to continue serving beyond the previous upper age limit for his arm/service he will have to apply for and be accepted into a relevant post which does not block the career progression of a younger officer. If there is no post available the officer will have to retire. At this point I do not believe they will be able to re engage at a later date.

    I have heard of increased age limits for non commissioned ranks in certain key trdaes (especially medical) but have not seen any details. I would hazard a guess that any such extensions would be on a similar basis to that above.
  9. Thanks B_S

    I wasn't really being serious.

    There's no chance for me I'm afraid. I was Infantry TA in the eighties, and did the old TA Officer route, and at 55 there's no way I could get back in.

    I could try Specialist Signals as I have a degree in IT now, and work in IT, but even that would probably be a no go.

    It's just frustrating when I see younger people complaining about the fitness standards when I can still pass them, and in fact do on at least a yearly basis.
  10. I did misunderstand you! It just happens that I know of an officer who is a bit older, but ridiculously fit!

  11. With previous military experince you may well still be able to get it, probably only in a specialist unit though.

    Like i said, there was a 52 year old joining when i signed up. He was ex cadets but had no regular army experience.

    Make a few phone calls and find out for sure.
  12. What is the upper age limit for the TA is it the same as the RAF (res) saw them advertising upper age limit of 50yrs old ????
  13. Thanks RH4

    I'll maybe give the specialist sigs a call.
  14. OK then.

    I've tried the Sigs Specialist HQ at Corsham, and they tell me that at 55 I'm too old, mainly as I'd probably have to do a "Tarts and Vicars" course at RMAS, the cut off age for which is 50.

    Anyone know any different way round the rules?
  15. I have just finished a course where a chap is just re-entering at the age of (I think) 60 (I kid you not!) He has loads of previous time in uniform, and impressed all us 'younger' new recruits by having para wings and by previously having been TA SAS However, he impressed us all a lot more when he trashed us all in the physical!!!