Age limits


it'll be great won't it? - a load of old blokes, none of whom will have been mobilised, training young lads as IRs. It's a recipe for success (?)
sheffielder said:
give us a chance we might suprise you,plus learn something
I doubt it, another kicking mess do with all three junior officers trying to have a good time while the fogeys stare at us, chuntering into their glasses of sherry and wittering on about how junior officers should be seen and not heard.



Book Reviewer
Quite bloody right! Can't have subbies letting themselves go...

That said, our Bn only has four Lts, none of whom are under 35.
You can have some of ours OS. "Are you sure you're old enough to drink Sir?" :D
As an aside whats the longest anyone's been or known of someone in the same rank (not LE)

Are there any 20 year Captains or 30 year Majors out there??

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