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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by ordinaryforces, Jun 5, 2012.

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  1. Just wondering to myself after watching all the Jubilee stuff, Isn't it about time the likes of the blessed Mccartney and Elton John knocked it on the head? after all they are pensioners now and none of them can reproduce on stage anything they became famous for, in fact it's cringeworthy listening to them especially king scouse. only asking like.
  2. Paul McCuntny is king of fook all to do with liverpool. He's fookin banished for being a total twunt.
  3. They're both unlistenable, it's amazing how bad Elton John's voice has become. I agree he should hang it up.

    Tom Jones can still belt out a tune though.
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  4. Tom Jones isn't too bad. Elton John obviously isn't gargling enough man paste lately.
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  5. It's definitely time for Tom jones to jack it in. When he sings he sounds like a constipated goat trying to do a shit.

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  6. Never liked the Beatles and McCartney sounded well out of tune even over here in Canada!! Wasn't Robbie Williams invited? Saw him a few years ago in Germany and have to admit he is a great entertainer.
  7. I thought Robbie Williams was there. The big shirtlifter.
  8. I remember a long time back one yank.. TV station recorded a tribute show to Bob Dylan.....Tremendous acts , Neil Young and Crazy Horse for instance , all playing Dylan composed songs.............concert was brill until Bob came on and started singing himself...................he was dreadful until resued when all the other artist joined in and drowned him out
  9. Bob Dylan was always dreadful!
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  10. Elton sounded awful and Macca didn't hit a right note all evening. They are both cunts anyway.
  11. Elton sounded all right. Macca was crap. Some of the women were dreadful!

    And nobody realised that the overexcited yank nutter cannot sing to save his life?! Jessie J rescued that one.
  12. Dellila, mack the knife, and live and let die who's choices were those??? Charlie's
  13. How bad do you have to be to get kicked out of Liverpool? Christ he must be bad
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  14. Why?

    If you're going to make a critisism,don't be fucking lazy.

    You're obviously not a fan,go and listen to your 'Quo' records,and leave us in peace!

    Oh,if he's that 'dreadful',how come he can still 'pack em in',and some of the 'rock gods',consider him one of the most influential singer-songwriters of his age ? =-(
  15. he sounds like a Scouser with sinusitis.