age limits for qaranc

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by rich17, Sep 19, 2006.

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  1. Does anyone know the new age limit for entry as a qaranc officer, has it been reduced? when i looked into a few years ago im sure it was around the late thirties, but it seems to be missing from the careers website.
  2. It's 39 for nursing officers - least thats what the Army website live chat to a recruiting Sgt service told me.
    Hope that helps
  3. age sometimes does not come into it.
  4. bit strange then, i was told online by qa recrutiment that i was too old for both reg and ta, even though 5.5 years plus qualified with a&e and icu experience. Guess they just did'nt like me!
  5. Same's true here - SOD OFF! :p

    (Only joking - port induced pi$$ take, I'll get my hat and coat... :roll: )
  6. You're only 5 and a half years old? Wow. 8O
  7. ring the QA recruiting team
  8. Mummy is that you?
  9. I was twenty one when I first entered a QARANC officer and thirty five when I last entered one...Different ones obviously.

    Am I being "not helpful" here? I'll get my short red cape...

  10. [pedant]

    Surely 'tippett'?


    Of course, were Cuddles to embark upon an adventure with a QA today, he would not have to contend with the grey dress, veil and tippett, but would instead be fumbling with the finest nursing modern uniform MoD can supply. Guaranteed to contain no natural fibre, the new QA outfit is a riot of polyester, lovingly manufactured by Chinese artisans and cunningly disguised to look like an ice-cream seller's getup.
  11. No didums, but if romours are true, I could be your father - go on say it, who's the daddy! :p

    I'm still not helping and don't have the excuse of port this time either.... I'll join the cue behind Cuddles by the cloakroom...
  12. Were Cuddles to embark upon such an adventure with a QA today, he would be smote by The Fenian Bride - who doesn't like nurses much due to some local difficulties with her sister-in-law, a sister in a hospital. However such would be my energy that I would probably create a huge static charge, resulting in the incineration of cuddles, QA and anyone in a close radius. So, change isn't always bad...
  13. How old are you?
  14. I'm a QA and I have a penis! Any Takers? :D

    Mind you, I've met many QAs who I thought should have a penis that in fact did not and many who shouldn't have who did. Or so I was told....................


    Confused of indeterminategendersville
  15. In the olden days most QA had immediate access to a penis during the silent hours. Some had access to more than one although that of course is probably an unfounded allegation based on purely factual data and a series of affadavits from the YOs of the entire Cavalry corps, Infantry Corps, roayl Regiment of Artillery and all other combat support units except the RE. The RE tended to marry QAs, usually without realising their tender bride had already worked her way through the Army list to the Fs...