Age limits for former soldiers


Im currently looking to join the TA as an officer and I am going through the initial process now. The thing is: this has raised a question for me, if im interested in being a TA officer, why not think about being a regular officer?

Now the question I have is about my age, im 36 and not a specialist (i.e. doctor/vet/man of god) type and obviously having read the Rough guide i see that im above the age limit of 29 for entry to sandhurst.

However, i do have previous service: 5 years TA (1991-1996) followd by 6 years regular (1997-2003). My regular service was as a REME avionics tech, leaving as a Cpl (exemplary service, not MD etc).

Basically, is it worth me even enquiring about regular officer service? I have visited a few local TA units to sound them out about becoming a TA officer and they have all been pretty positive so far. One thing I was told is that the AOSB is the same for TA and Regular now (I tried a TA board back in 1995 and mucked it up, lack of maturity etc...ive grown up a bit since then!).

One PSAO said that the TA units sometimes have a problem where a chap does the AOSB for TA service and then is offered a regular commision, and this is what got me thinking. Am I wasting my time even thinking this could be a possibility for me at 36? Im not entirely sure whether I would join as a regular anyway as I have a good civvy life but I have to say i am attracted to it.

If i am too old, ill be happy to go the TA route.



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