Age Limits - Any chance of exceptions?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by paul2202m, Dec 16, 2011.

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  1. Hi my names Paul and had recently decided to apply for a commission.

    I initially applied in 2008 and decided not to pursue the option for a couple of years while i took another job in Dublin, after returning and attempting to apply i was informed that the age limit was reduced sometime last year from 29 to 26. I myself am 26 and will be 27 in February which put me out of contention.

    After looking up my options i decided to try for the Int Corps, being the only unit that accepts over 26 candidate that i was interested to join, however after me introductory interview i was called the following day and told that at the moment the Int Corps are not accepting officers over 26 as well.

    My question is then, is there anyway around this problem? Anyway to appeal? I'm quite happy to prove myself through the AOSB but am unable to get the chance. I had always considered that this was what i wanted to do and didn't really expect 26 to be a problem.

    One other option that has been suggested is to start as a soldier and become an officer through the ranks, how long would that take? I would assume not before your a Sergeant which would take some time and to be honest, i would like to pursue an officer career, not a solider career.

    Any help would be appreciated, figured this would be my last shot.

  2. The official answer is (I think) no. Here is the technical blurb, taken from here:

    From May 2012 onwards, any potential officer, for a Regular Commission, entering RMAS must be in one of the following categories:

    a.Under 26 years of age (unless a Soldier Entrant, where 29 is the upper age limit).

    b.If over 26 but under 29 years, a Confirmed Cadet in AGC/RAMC (MSO)/INT CORPS.

    c.Over 26 and holding a Pass from AOSB Main Board issued before 01 May 2012.

    d.Over 26 and holding an Age Waiver agreed by the Directorate of Manning (Army).

    So they're your options. You can still join as a Soldier. The Navy will still take you as an officer for some routes at your age. The RAF will take you for many up until the grand old age of 36.

    Best of luck.
  3. Surely then if my main board was March (which it was provisionally) and i wasn't deferred on my briefing and passed the Main Board, i would be eligible. (I have already emailed ACA careers advisor)
  4. Well I have linked you to the official form, which you can bring to the attention of your ACA if you wish. I am sure they are privy to the regulations, however.
  5. Hi Paul,

    The advice in terms of the above states if you

    "c.Over 26 and holding a Pass from AOSB Main Board issued before 01 May 2012."

    If you pass your main board before May 2012 my understanding is that you should get ‘grandfather rights’ and still be able to attend Sandhurst (the position I am in). But I would book a start date asap once you have passed main board. I made sure I had everything booked and confirmed and paper work sorted.

    Firstly why instead of emailing, don’t you call your local ACA? Emails are easy to ignore incur a delay in response, something you can’t really afford. Secondly how far are you through the application process? You say you had a main board booked provisionally for March, but it sounds like you cancelled it. But then say if you weren’t “deferred” at briefing? So have you been given a cat 2 or 3 with a time delay from briefing? I am not sure but try and explain to Westbury that you need to get through by May 2012 because of your age and they might let you attend main board sooner; but the time delays are given for the benefit of the candidates so there will be a good reason why they have stipulated this, so if you do get bumped forward, really think about why they gave you a delay. If you haven’t yet gone to briefing, I think you would be doing rather well to get through by May 2012, but call your sponsor or ACA and explain and see if they can help you.
  6. Unfortunately looking through the medical side of the regulations, it appears that my eyesight before my Laser eye surgery would disqualify me anyway. Which is extremely annoying.
  7. Some laser eye surgery is allowed. There may be other reasons the ACA advised you against AOSB.