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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Taggs101, Nov 30, 2007.

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  1. Can anyone please give me a definitive answer as to the upper age limit now being enforced for joining up.

    There are a few conflicting comments on the forums but I cannot find the official line, and before I approach my local unit I would like to have all the facts.

    For information I’m 42 but have keep my self fit marathons / triathlons etc, I also severed in the RN for 5 years, but I’ve always fancied giving green a go.

    Cheers 8)
  2. IIRC, the limit is 42 for people with previous military experiance so yeah, you just make it. But if you're serious, apply ASAP before time runs out.

    You could also try RAF Reseves; they recruit up to 45 - 50.

    Good luck! :D
  3. Best get along to your local unit and see. I wouldn't be surprised if they bent the rules for someone that had previous experience.
  4. As stated 43 no prior knowledge required, however many units use the confusion to bar entry to those they don't want.

    If you want to dp it and are worried then do it quick smart as come the new year the process will become a lot harder.
  5. What's the new process and how will it change things?

  6. Am guessing the lack of response is owed to the fact that the new TA recruitment process is top secret and cannot be shared with anyone....heaven forbid a potential recruit who may be going through that process next year may want to know how it works.
    Sorry I forgot, recruits should'nt ask questions, just smile and nod like churchill the nodding dog and say things like "am looking forward to my adventure training" as i sign on the dotted line. :roll:

  7. No it due to the fact there is beer to be supped and women to ravaged :wink:

    The only thing different is the new Recruit Selection Weekend (or day to be exact) some units do this already but its going national. At the mo you can rock up at most places and join up but in the new year you can't join till you have been selected. Its not a hard selection in any means, just a (much needed) quality gate. My only point is if you are in your 40's you might have a harder time of it, not physically but interview wise for suitability.
  8. There is? 8O Nobody tells me anything! :roll:
  9. With previous experience, the age limit just seems to keep increasing. It is certainly worth either a visit or at least a phone call to your local unit. Good luck.
  10. yYou are just on the age limit, with your previous service you will be ok
  11. Just to clarify, upper age limit is 55 for RAF Auxiliary and this is stretched in some cases, especially if you've got skills that are classed as 'desirable'.

    We've been using the 'selection weekend' approach for a while and I must say it doesn't always work properly - after all I got through it!
  12. ...unless you are applying as a PQO, then the limits become very flexible! I was 44, but I know one guy (with loads of previous experience) who came in as a PQO at about 60!!!
  13. Unless, of course, you're hoping to try out for THEM - the 34 year old age limit still applies, for obvious reasons.

    Last time I checked, 4 Para and the RMR were also still setting the age limit at 34.