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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by annapurna1, Feb 25, 2013.

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  1. Hi, just wondering how strict the age limit is to join up in an active role? i take it this is mainly to do with fitness and the time it takes to get someone trained versus prospective time in service? the reason i ask is that i had an injury that set me back in preparation, its taken time to get my fitness back up to the previous level... now i think i'm gonna be over the age limit by the time of "inscription". is the TA more likely to accept ppl just over the limit if they can demonstrate a good level of fitness, aptitude and relevant skills? also i notice it says on the forms you need to be a UK resident for a number of years before joining. i am a UK born resident but i've spent a fair bit of time away climbing... this wont affect my application will it? can anyone shed any more light on the situation please? cheers :)
  2. What do you mean by 'active role'?

    How old are you?
  3. Wah shield up!

    There is an age limit for a reason, they have plenty of younger blokes coming through, so why would they bend the rules for you? Unless you are "Soldier A" and can kill by looking at someone.

    If you are really serious about "active duty" and you are over the age limit, then the RAF Regiment reserves will take you to 50 with previous military experience. They are currently recruiting now.

    As for your question on residency...where you living and working in the other countries and paying tax? If not, you were not resident.

    I was resident in South East Asia for 7 years, but it was not a bar to me joining up as I remained a British citizen.
  4. something thats physically demanding, where i'd get paid to run, swim, climb etc everyday :) i was thinking maybe Paras im 32 nearly 33 so i can still apply technically
  5. Well apply then. The only thing you'll be doing reliably everyday is wanking, no matter who you join; so get the 'daily acts of derring-do' bollocks out of your mind quick sharp.
  6. i just noticed that it said sometimes "exceptions" can be made, so i'm trying to get a rough idea how often they do that and under what circumstances, from what you're saying you have to be a very special case, as far as killing with an icy stare... i've tried that, people usually just say "what the **** are you looking at!!" lol i'll look into the RAF Regiment reserves... cheers :) i've been living very "humbly" shall we say... climbing and getting fit, enjoying the outdoors with some friends... so i don't think the residency thing is gonna be a problem. especially if you were in asia for 7 years and it didnt bar you... thats good to know, cheers :)
  7. i'm under no illusion there would be a lot of downtime, seems to be the thing that frustrates ppl from what i hear, i can handle that, i've done some boring jobs in the past, long as they take me for walkies my tail will be wagging all day lol... do they supply material or do you need to access memory?
  8. the RAF Reserves looks good... Joining age: (18–50) (or up to 56 with previous military experience) that would give me all the time in the world :)
  9. I tried to go join the TA again (for the third time, glutton for punishment) at the age of 43.

    The "Exceptions" were if I were a specialist in my civillian career, so, in my case, I was trying to join the local Field Hospital as I believed that was the unit I was most likely to get a tour with, and the exceptions they were looking for were things like Doctors, anethatists, dentists, specialist medical people and so on. No chance for me with my First Aid at Work certificate. They did try and get me in as a driver, but they could not bend the rules.
  10. ah i understand what they mean know, thanks for clearing that up... that's good info and cheers again for the heads up on the RAF :)
  11. For regular soldier max age is 32 yrs & 11 months on enlistment I would not advise going PARA or inf at the age because you have to think of the long term so say in 10 years you go for promotion to Sgt at the ripe old age of 42 and your up against young thrusters will be more of a challenge physically! For the TA max age is 42 yrs and 11 months. Click the link for your TA units.
    TA Units - British Army Website

  12. The Royal Navy recruits for some full-time roles up to 36. Whilst not the Paras, depending what you did there must be opportunities in abundance to have a decent life/work/adventure balance.
  13. As Stilts rightfully said 32 and 11 months to of passed ADSC Selection and start training so if 32 already I would look at TA application where early 40's (will take you over 43 if previous service).
  14. Thanks for all these replies! I've been away for a few days.
    Didn't think there would be any action on this thread but very pleased to see there's more, fantastic, thanks! :)

    You're dead right about promotion Stilts... I hadn't thought that far ahead to be honest.
    I guess I would be up against some pretty fierce competition by that stage.
    Hopefully I'll age like Dean Karnazes...
    Always look on the bright side of life eh lol!
    I'm working on a plan to beat the age limit tho.
    I can't say too much about it at the moment, only that it involves a large wooden rabbit. Damn, I've said too much already!
    Food for thought for sure, thanks for the insight and the link Stilts.

    Thanks ooooh_matron, The Royal Navy does seem to have a lot of opportunity for adventure.
    I'm going to do some more research on it. On their site it mentions trips to the Himalayas...
    normally very costly, I didn't expect that!

    Yer, that's it The_IRON, looks like if I want to try and go for the Paras it will be through the TA.

    Is it common for TA to go Regular at any time after training?