Age limit on Reservists

Discussion in 'Australia' started by TaffJ, Sep 28, 2009.

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  1. As a reasonable fit 49 year old ex British squaddie, I was wondering if there is an upper limit on age when joining the ADF reserves. :?: Be gentle with an old man :)
  2. The upper age limit depends on what you want to do. If you want to be an armourer (fitter armament) the upper age is 58 years. It may be a touch lower if you want to be an infantryman.

    Google 'defence jobs australia' to find a link to the ADF recruiting experience.

  3. Thanks for that, I have looked on the ADF site but there is no mention of an upper age (unless my old peepers are letting me down) I might pop on down to the local recruit office for a cup of milo and a nice chat. I was thinking along the medic line and not one of 'them' surprisengly.
  4. Look under 'general requirements' for each trade.

    looks like 55 for scablifters

  5. Hey mate

    there was a 54 yr old at Kapooka with me joining Inf, and a 56 year old medic. I think there was an ageism case brought against the ADF a few years ago and now they take them a bit older than before.
  6. thanks for that pommydigger.
  7. Taff I was 39 when I rejoined to do officer training in the Chockos. There are blokes who got through who were older than I. When I finished the FAC I was coming up on 42.

    The FAC does a fair bit of infantry minor tactics, enough fire and movement to last me a lifetime :cool:

    Shouldn't be a drama, good luck!