Age limit in the TA

Unfortunately due to my current job within the police force I have been unable to commit to the TA.

Now that I will have some spare time on my hands soon I want to contribute plus having spent 10 years in the army in my other life I wanted to go back.

I have since found to my horror that my age which is a YOUNG 48 is against me.

I still play a far amount of sport and keep myself reasonable fit compared to youngsters of today. 8)

I know I am at the age that most would be putting the comfortable slippers on and sitting back but feel I still have something to offer.

If there are any units in the Gloucestershire area who want a fit and commited old soldier could you let me know infantry/artillery/armour I don't want a desk job or working in the armoury etc..
You can go up to 53 with previous mil experience. Or try the RAFAux.

Thanks for response I have tried RAF regiment but due to being on holiday in August uiwas unabale to go to attestation so I have to wait unti sometime in December??

I am trying to find a local army unit within Glos who would take me on.....
Hi Gloucester boy..

MSR is right the TA will take you with your previous. I am 47 and have already been through this system. Basically your parent unit will make an over age enlistment application to APC Glasgow, this can however take several months so be prepared to be patient.
Normally the unit processes the paperwork once they receive the OK from APC, however sometimes APC will do the whole thing, they did in my case.

There are plenty of units in your area, even the infantry is an option. However dependent upon the unit you may have to make an individual case to enlist for either the unit and/or APC, this happened to me too.

A note on the RAF Aux..all units have stopped recruiting aux gunners until April 2010 at the earliest...fact. Word is that gunner recruitment may be suspended for quite some time.

PM me if you want more.
If you are in Gloucester, their are a number of TA Units.

Depends what you are after and what experience you are bringing.

Off the top of my head there's Infantry (6 RIFLES), Signals (57 Sig Sqn) and the Medics (243 Fd Hosp).

Worth asking people in the area. Further down in Bristol there's pretty much the same if not more.
Petit_stilton is correct all those units are on Eastern Avenue and parade on a tuesday night and a friendly bunch, best advice would be to get yourself down there on a tuesday and speak to the different units :)

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