Age limit for Officer Entry with previous TA experience.

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by EX_STAB, Mar 4, 2009.

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  1. Forgive me for not rooting through every page on the topic.

    Whilst it wasn't something I'd particularly been thinking of, it was suggested yesterday that I might consider Officer training after having completed recruit training (Phase 1A - 1C)

    Now I'm 39 already and would be 40 by then. Won't I be too old? Does any previous experience count? I served from 87 to 92 in TA infantry in the ranks.

    "The oldest subbie in town" has a certain ring to it! I could write a song....

    Seriously though, is this even possible, unit discretion etc?
  2. Anybody?
  3. I think, unless you are a specialist or professionally qualified person, you are p!ssing up a rope with this ambition...
  4. had a bloke in same situation at my unit, the army said yes but the CO said no so you will have to ask your C of C

    edited for being stuck in text speak. But to be more descriptive the gent in question passed aosb so could have gone forward, but our CO said a 40yr old subbie in an inf. unit wouldnt be practical or something along those lines, but the RLC unit close to my unit said they would accept him swings and round abouts.
    Just give it a bash the worst they can say is no.
  5. There was a 39 y.o. on my course - RCT (as was). A long time ago admittedly but I bet he's not the oldest. Give it a go, but you would have to SERIOUSLY want it to put up with all that RMAS stuff in your 40s. Good luck though.
  6. Like I said, it was suggested to me. Not my idea or ambition particularly. Not sure I'd even want to. Just wanted to know what the score was.
  7. Quite! Interesting to know what's possible and what's not though.
  8. Old thread I know, but...

    What's the score on this - has it changed in the last 6+ months? I'm 32, currently doing Phase 1 and had discounted TAPO as a result of my age. We had a Major come round our unit a while back trawling for officer candidates and she basically said you had to comission by your 35th birthday but anyone in their 30s was really already "too old" and she "didn't know what they were doing there". (Her words, not mine)

    We did have a L/Cpl who had given RMAS a go - it does seem like going for it won't hurt your TA career as a soldier if you don't complete it, quite the opposite in fact.
  9. At 36 I was told I was too old. I seem to recall the 35 age limit rule being mentioned.

    RAF and Navy have an upper limit of 42 i think it was...the RAF take recruits upto 50 with previous military experience in the Aux.
  10. on my TACC, (this year) we had a guy who was 37.

    he got through fine

    (apart from the ND)

  11. i'm 32 and I am looking into going the TA and going to be an officer. 12-18 months training should get me a commission before i am 35.
  12. You know my age mate and I have been told its a possibility by my unit. However; having looked into it; the training time and committment required and the realistic opportunity of actually being deployed as an infantry officer I officially ditched the idea last week in a chat with my PSAO.

    Its up to you; it has been done on here before and I took a shed load of stick for it :roll: but if you really fancy it...go for it. However, if you are looking at getting a 'worthwhile' tour in, in ther next couple of years then I would say no; enjoy yourself and get some other more interesting courses under you belt FWIW :)
  13. According to one RAFR Gunner on here, this has now changed slightly; the Rockapes now only recruit up to 35.
  14. The rockapes found that they were becoming a haven for blokes who were a bit past it trying to live out their "John Rambo" fantasies. Hence the new age limit of 35.
  15. She was right, for most cases. It’s not just that it is more difficult to reach the physical standards required in your 30s.

    The Army looks for high quality candidates when selecting its potential officers. Such people will do well in employment and in their private lives. By the time they've been in the workforce for 10-15 years they have a responsible and demanding job and will have built a good social life and may well have a long-term partner.

    To first gain a TA commission and then complete the career courses as well as actually doing the job of a TA pl/tp comd is a big undertaking. The commissioning course requires a ten weekend course, a nine day course and then 3 weeks at RMAS. You then have to do a special to arm course, Post Commissioning Training and more. Your first year as an officer will involve commanding 15-30 TA soldiers on weekends, camps and training nights. You will have a lot of admin to do in your own time.

    There are always exceptional cases and valid reasons for being free to take all this on in your 30s. To be able to meet this requirement, you will have to find a lot of time. It will mean reprioritising a busy life. There are always exceptional cases and valid reasons for being free to take all this on in your 30s but not many are able to see it through.

    If you are one of those exceptional people, then speak to your pl staff about TAPO training.