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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Strikesure, May 5, 2006.

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  1. I have a friend (ahem) who'd like to be a CO but he's getting on a bit - has the new age limit for officers in the TA given him a few more chances at the big one or is the cut off age to remain 45? He'll be gutted to find out it is and it's probably best that this upsetting news comes from a friend and that's why I am asking, just out of interest and only with his feelings in mind. Promise.
  2. I think you'll find that the age limit remains. The recent change to 60 is in post - all age limits for promotion are extant.
  3. I was kinda hopeful that it would allow promotion to Lt Col for SO1 slots. I agree that its still no go for Command.

    Otherwise its potentially an extra 15 years as a major.....
  4. What are the age limits for promotion to Major?
  5. I suspect that it may as these things allow for interpretation.
  6. Must be 45 when taking up CO's appointment - so need to do TACSC by 42/43 birthday as selection process takes up to 18 months and have relevant recommendations for BOTH promotion and unit command.

    Promotion to any rank (Capt, Maj, Lt Col, Col. Brig) by 57th birthday - ie must be before last 3 years as per Regs.

    If not selected for Comd by 42/43 can still become Lt Col in SO1 appointment. Promotion to Col requires unit comd and an SO1 appt plus relevant recommendations etc

    Remember however that every job at Maj and above (less Regt appts like Ops Offr) must be applied for under the MCM rules and that each tour is 2.5-3 years only so you need to look for a job about 6 months before tour end - every Regional Bde and Th Tp Bdes said out vacancy lists every few months - make sure your Adjt is sending you copies.

    There is no guarrantee that you will get a job either as there will be lots of Majs/LtCols etc out there applying for few and fewer jobs than the number of people in the pool (just as per Regs as well). Your OJARs are important so you must (a) make sure you get one and (b) make sure the right boxes are ticked and the right recommendations are made. If you don't get a job then its hang boots up time, Unposted list (A or B) or RARO until you do.