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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Scuba_Steve, Apr 7, 2009.

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  1. Is 21 years a bit old for the army. everytime i see somethin on TV or read about soldiers they allways seemed to join before they were 18. very rarely i would see or hear of any one older. im just a bit worried of being the "older Fella". Do many other people join at 21?
  2. I joined at the age of 20 and that was 15 years ago. Initially (first 5-6 years) my additional maturity gave me an edge on the younger lads I was with. So the answer is reasonably simple, being older (21 is not old) will not be detrimental to your service.
  3. Don't worry about it. Plenty of people join at 21 or even a few years older.
  4. i'm 23 and in the process of joining (24 soon :roll: )

    not paticularly worried about being one of the older/oldest guys. i'll have a lot more life experience through travelling, having been raised in a foreign country and having done various jobs from draughting in an office to assissting on drill rigs in the western australian desert 8)

    apparently there are plenty of "old" guys joining up, i doubt you'll be the oldest!
  5. I joined the REME at 26 in 1998.
  6. Mate im 19 and I have had one mate join at 24 and I have another mate joining at 29, they don't even talk like you are so you need to stop with the insecurity, motivate yourself, think about it and then sign up, get the ball rolling and stay fit in between that and starting basic.

    Good luck.
  7. i joined up at 21 also . and being the senior bloke will stand you in good stead
  8. I start basic training at Catterick on the 3rd of May & i'm 23 years of age.

    A lot of people who went to ADSC seemed immature, i wouldn't want them covering my back on operations.
  9. Im 22 and joining up at the moment, how is 21 old? ive read a few posts about some guys joining up at 30 so you'll be ok ;)
  10. I joined at 20, and the other guys here are right, i had that little bit of maturity, that a. got me out of trouble and b. gave me the confidence and wisdow to stay out of trouble!! Platoon staff used to use me as "Squad Senior" for a lot of my training!! We still have guy's hitting Phase 1 Training at the age of 30!
  11. Im 26 joining The Parachute Regiment. Age is but a number mate, I feel better now than when I was 18. Go for it!!!
  12. I was up on Forrest Fawr last week and met a group of recruits from Pirbright and they where all between 18 and about 28
  13. I'm 22 and off to Bassingbourn in 12 days, ADSC definitely made me feel old, but by no means the oldest one there!
  14. I'm 21 and joining this year hopefully... Most of my friends joined at 16-18 but I don't think I was mature enough back then (although wish I wasn't so far behind them now!) I have the career experience; know civi street and how the grass is definitely not greener (as some people leaving at their 4 yr point).
    I have a couple of friends that work at an ATR and have guys in their troops from 17 - 30 so there is certainly nothing to put you off there!
    The only think I am worried about is dealing with 17yr old girly girls but I am sure I’ll be fine!
    If it’s what you want to do in life then go for it and don’t look back!
  15. Training, then off to their respective Battalions / Corps will mature them. I was 16 when i did basic, the real eye opener is when you finish basic !

    Ps...that was in 87 :roll: