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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by scouser06, Mar 4, 2006.

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  1. Whats the most common age group in the ta?
    Would most people be around 25 to 30?
    would I be stuck with all old foggies (sp)
  2. Kin 'ell mate, if you think you're an old fogy at 25, life is going to be a great dissapointment to you.
  3. lol
    nah I dont mean tha like 30+ is goin onto an old fogy
    But it would be a bit shit if i was stuck with all 30 year olds an no one close to my age
  4. ...whats S*** about the 30 +, we have life experience, wrinkles, boring old stories of exercises in Germany in the 80's, grey hair,... no hair!.., we remember DMS boots and bruises on our shoulders and cracks in glasses from the SLR, ....we now wear glasses!!! we need to be in the proxmity of a loo at all times..

    ....and in our troop we thirty/fourty somethings have very high physical standards,we generally achieve the highest scores on the BPFA, fitter than most of the 20 something's that make up our sister squadron... who seem eager to ignore fitness requirements
  5. Scouser6 ...

    Why not phone your local TA centre and ask what the average age is. Then explain your view of people over 30, explain that you are under 25 and think that by virtue of your age you are superior...

    This will offer whoever you are talking to a good laugh, but might prejudice your application
  6. As a regular at a TA unit, I's say the age range is very wide, from teen agers to late 40's and early 50's.
    But,obviously, units and locations vary.
  7. Never said nothing abr being superior,it's just that I dont think Id get along with older people.

  8. Not sure the TA would be for you then.
  9. ...or any job at all come to think of it! Gosh, what'll happen IF you grow up?
  10. why not stop in the cadets then or are the big boys there picking on you?
  11. If everyone over the age of 30 left the TA I suspect you would not have enough to make many regiments, left.
  12. I am thinking of joining up with some kind of reserve force but at 33 would i feel like an old fuddy duddy going through training?

    or is that the general age group?
  13. slingshot

    i have heard the chelsea pensioners are recruiting, and they have a very nice uniform too, oh and
    some jolly fine nurses to play with.
  14. So what is a good age to join then???

    Slingshot, your best best is cleanbluesky's suggestion, ask about the average age of people going through the recruit system at the moment ... each unit tends to vary depending on it's role.

    edited for sausage fingers!
  15. We have everyone from 18 yr olds to 30somethings .I guess the ideal age would be 20 something mature enough to get most from
    training and fit enough .Yeah 33 is a bit old but crack on .