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i know this might sound soft but what is the maximum age to jion the TA. I was in the Royal Engineers for 12 years and left in 93 but i am thinking i am missing something so want to get back into it, from what i can work out upper age is 43 but is there any special circumstances that i can get to sign on? please sensible answers
copied and pasted from British Army - Reserve Forces - Overview and Role of the Territorial Army - Armed Forces - a11a2

The ages for joining the TA are 17-43 except for UKSF(R) who have a cut off age of 32 (34 with previous military experience). In some exceptional cases it has been known for people to join the TA over the upper age limit if their trade/occupation is sought after by the Army.

Under a new incentive, ex-regular soldiers joining the TA have a reduced training and mobilisation liability for 3 years from discharge, this equates to only having to complete 19 days, have reduced MATT's and are required to attend a 15 day camp.

Under this incentive they also cannot be mobilised within the 3 year period. This is to help encourage ex-regs to join the TA, also if joining within 2 years of leaving regular service a soldier could be entitled to the full 5 year bounty (£1556) instead of starting at the lower sum.

The TA soldier training is now split between the unit and the local Regional Training Centre where phase one training is conducted. Phase 2 training is conducted at an ATR or ITC Catterick for the Infantry. Recruit Selection also takes place at the RTCs and is a day long version of what Regular Army candidates undergo at the ADSCs with the exception of doing the BARB test while on selection.

Officer recruiting and training may take one of two forms. Officers can be recruited from the ranks, and appointed officer cadets by their unit commander, before taking the TA Commissioning Course at the Military Academy Sandhurst. Alternatively the new direct entry officer training scheme allows potential officers to enter officer training right from the very start of their time in the TA. Initial Officer Training is designed to produce officers with the generic qualities to lead soldiers both on and off operations and includes three weeks spent on the TA Commissioning Course at the Military Academy Sandhurst.
Might be worth waiting a few months until the government white paper on future of TA / following public consultation is published, as there might be new incentives and changes to age limits conditions for ex regs. Of course I am completely speculating but how else are they gonna get 30'000 reservists? They won't under the current system hence the public consultation and awaiting recommendations.
As per the Recruiting Group Instructions ex regular soldiers may be enlisted up to the age of in theory 52 with a 3 year contract!

Oh and another thing, if your wanting to perhaps join a unit that would have you doing the likes of say The Reserve Forces Commando Course, if your over 35 forget it. 131 Commando have tried to get round this as age limit is upto 44 for unit but whoever is in charge of running the RFCC is having none of it.

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