Age for purchacing cigarettes to rise

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by brettarider, Jan 1, 2007.

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  1. The government has decided that as of Oct 207 the age for buying tobacco products will rise to 18 from the current 16 years of age. Will it make a difference? doubt it how will the corner/paper shops near the schools stay open? Having seen kids around here smoking who must only be around 10/11 with a tab in the mouth some not much older even with smokers coughs! :eek: .If the issue of underag smoking has been known for years why has it taken so long to move the age? link
  2. I say just tax the bejesus out of the price of fags until buying a packet of 20 is the same as buying, oh I don't know, say a C-130 Hercules.

    And raise the age to 80. But only if accompanied by both parents.
  3. It'll have as much effect as the current laws already have on the purchase of alcohol and drugs.
  4. Unsurprisingly this will start in Scotland sooner; around March. Up here the enforcement will depend on punishing the shopkeepers. Anyone caught selling to the underage will be banned from selling cigarettes for a month in the first instance leading ultimately to the premises itself being banned; so you can't just change ownership of the shop. These enforcement tactics are copied from those for the licensing trade, eg buy alcohol for minors in Glasgow and it's a £1000 fine! If a pub loses it's license for anti-social behavior or whatever the premises themselves can't re-open as a boozer.

    I asked a friend of mine who runs a newsagent whether it would work and he said that he couldn't trade without tobacco sales and his rivals would grass him up pretty quick if he sold fags to kids!
  5. I thought the age of 16 derived from a 1937 Statute. It was only a year or two ago the Govt told us you could get married at 16, join the Army at 16, but had to wait until 18 to have gay sex.

    Now you can join the Army and have gay sex at 16 but they want to make you wait until 18 to buy cigarettes and raise the school-leaving age to 18.

    Weird country
  6. While a very good move, and not before time it will result in yet more problems for the shop workers, the council trading standards taliban will be round like a flock of vultures...

    Ok the shopkeeper will commit an offence by selling to underage customers but really who is the real offender??? The shopkeeper or the under aged toe-rag actually trying to buy it when they KNOW it is against the law?

    With out doubt it has to be the under aged person trying to buy the fags or booze... They KNOWINGLY go into the shop with the SOLE INTENTION to commit the offence of purchasing fags/booze while under age.

    In comparison would you expect the victim of a mugging to be prosecuted for being the victim? Or a burglary victim prosecuted for having a house for the burglar to do over?

    No you wouldn’t, so why should a shopkeeper, (who just happens to be the unlucky victim of a crime because they offer the product for sale to persons who are of a legal age to buy it) be prosecuted and fined far more than the actual instigator of the offence who knowingly broke the law?

    Penalties for the offence? licence the sale of tobacco products in the same way as that of alcohol for starters, for the individual trying buy the stuff treat the offence of attempting to purchase like shoplifting... to cover the possibility of shopkeepers knowingly selling the stuff to underage persons or obviously under age persons then removal of the licence to sell it, possibly for say 3 months to start and leading to a permanent ban if repeated.

    Oh and in the first instance of a ban, I would allow the partial recovery in court via civil proceedings of the shops loss of earnings due to the 3 month ban from the individual who through their unlawful attempt to buy the stuff caused the ban to occur, say 25% leading to 100% if the person is a repeat offender.

    Last thing…. Why wait until October to introduce the law, what’s wrong with tomorrow?
  7. Raising the age to 18? Brilliant idea!!!! That'll stop all those smoking underage kids in one clean swoop. And while Blair is saving the planet the Govt. should bring in a Christmas non drink-drive campaign....that'll stop the problem too. And to sort the NHS problem out just tell people to stop being ill. Someone give New Labour a 4th term, quickly......
  8. Just a quick word of warning for all of the health Nazis out there from a former smoker:

    Congratulations you are now paying the tax that the unsold packet of cigarettes would have generated. Do you honestly think Broon will willingly see off billions in revenue just because on health grounds? Forget it. He will now add the missing tax to another product we all use. Wealth redistribution, Nu Labour have tax redistribution too.
    I gave up smoking for health reasons and to save money, not to have to pay out tax on a product I'm not even using!!
  9. I may be swimming against the tide in this debate, but personally I'm not looking at this as another opportunity to slag of the government, whether they deserve it or not. Raising the smoking age to the drinking age is a morally good decision, and puts these two inconsistencies to rest.

    For the argument that it will make no difference, kid's will smoke anyway, well shall we just get round the problem and introduce smoking lessons in primary school, and legalise it from the day you are born??? :roll:

    Also, and I think this is just more Daily Mail style negativity again here, the burden on shop keepers? The burden used to be that it was a bit socially acceptable to turn a blind eye, because kids would get booze or fags from somebody else anyway. Last year the rules and penalties are set in stone and pretty draconian. People caught suppliying fags and alcohol to underage kids face a rough deal. Retailers have adjusted, and are a hell of a lot more responsible.

    At the moment most shops use the 21 for 18 and 18 for 16 rules, so to buy fags you have to look over 18 just to be sure or provide ID. This will change to 21, and become in my view a bit easier.
  10. Purchasing tobacco in the US is also 18. Purchasers have to show ID. The local cops use high school kids to try to make buys. If a store sells to the kid then the seller is fined. It doesnt stop underage smoking because the kids figure out a way to still get them.
  11. It doesn't seem to make a difference that marijuana and ecstacy aren't available in shops, the little feckers seem to get hold of them all the same.
  12. I hope thats not compulsory 8O

    I`d like to know where a teenager who doesn`t work gets around £5 to buy a pack of cigs. That aside, they will always find a way around this law, its just to make the government look like they are doing something positive. I would think a more serious problem is alcohol consumption, and the 18 or over rule doesn`t stop 11-18 year olds getting hold of the stuff. Personally I`d raise both to 21 years, I rue the day I ever started smoking, bloody expensive and unhealthy plus after July I won`t be able to smoke in pubs so the local offy will be doing a bit more business and the pub quiz night will be missing half its players. :roll:
  13. Funny I don't hear any of the media types like Mary Ann Sirghart saying we are losing the battle against cigarettes - why not abolish age restrictions and accept children smoking.

    It seems that argument only gets wheeled out on TV when the "tobacco" in the cigarette is marijuana or crack cocaine - otherwise harmless according to our media celebrities
  14. Yes, but all the same I think most of us would skip on the gay sex.
  15. What's the problem? Let kids drink and smoke and let UK be crackhead capital of Europe. We're all going to be robbed by these little scrotes within 10 years anyway. Heck, some of them may even kindly stab us to fcuk in our beds when we become weak and infirm.