Age for joining the QAs

My wife is interested in joining the QA's and as she's 28 shes a little worried that she would be a lot older than the others joining and also that she may be classed as to old to join.
So I thought if i ask here she'll get some good info (and some p*** taking too)
So a few questions from her
1. What school quals does she need?
2. How long is trg and where is it at?
3. Would we be able to be posted to the same area/garrison?
4. Would she be able to choose her first unit or like my corps is it lucky/unlucky dip?
5. How often do tours come around?

Although not a comprehensive list of questions shes hoping that a bit of insight from your fine selves would be helpfull so thanks in advance.
I'm fairly sure the upper age limit on entry is 34 years if she's already a Registered Nurse.

Minimum is 5 GCSE (A-C) inc. English and Maths

Training?? If you mean Basic recruit training, you should wait for one of my 'green' colleagues to reply....if you mean an 'entry to NMC register' training course...its 3 years....the military one is now only run in Birmingham -at 'UCE', Edgbaston.

Co-location....what do you do? Its possible after she's qualified....but probably unlikely as there are very few 'nursey postings' now in secondary care (which she will almost definately be limited to for the first year or so after training)

You can have a say, i believe...but do you not believe they just do as they please with regard to our postings!?

They seem to be every 1-2 years (for 6 months duration)

Age limits have changed very recently, contact the QA recruiting team.
Think the max age is 33, there are loads that join after the age of 28.

Basic Training is now 14 weeks. Nurse Training is 3 years in Birmingham.

Postings on a wish list!

Tours 6 months, they say 1-2 years but people have been going every year!
Ive pm'd you the number and who to speak to.

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