age dispensation

Phone them and ask.
Problem with phoning Glasgow, is if you ask the first person who answers the phone, you will probably get the standard answer "The age limit is 43 unless you are a Doctor, Dentist or Vet". So what do you mean by age dispensation?
I didn't get much assistance with my query beyond the unhelpful "phone and ask la la etc etc.."...So for anyone who is in my position here is the outcome from someone who has used the system....
I am an ex regular and at 47 am over the current limits. However if a decent case can be made by the recruiting team then a dispensation from APC may be granted. This is what happened in my case and the whole process took about 10 days.
This example is true for most units except SF and not just medical/dental etc etc. Basically if you can make a case and are committed enough over age entry is possible.
If anyone is in this position then PM me for more details.
Interesting that you didn't get any help as the DIN says:-

"Note: every effort should be made to encourage ex-Regs, over the age of 43, to apply to join the TA."

There are also at least 3 units that have higher age limits anyway. e.g. LIAG - 50

If all else fails, you could do what I did and join RauxAF (stands by for incoming). Their upper age limit of before 56th birthday applies to Aux Regt as well!
It was just this site that I didn't get any help from...I had a great PSAO and we made the case to APC..My point is that I DID get taken on.
The procedure is there and it works if you're committed.
That was essentially my point, especially to any ex regs like me who want to join the TA above the 43 limit.

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