Age, at the latter end of the joining range

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by El_Tel, Nov 10, 2009.

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  1. Just after peoples thoughts as to the pros and cons of joining at my age(31).

    Things that get me thinking are huge salary drop 30k down to 13 ouch!!!!

    Younger guys (early mid 20s) barking orders at me

    call me a wimp but slightly worried at the risk of getting shot or something it's on the news a lot at the moment

    Plus points I'm still single and no children

    all benefits that go with army travel etc

    my age good level of commonsense and reasonably Intellgent.

    Will my age hinder or help in promotion prospects?

    Like to hear thoughts especially from those who may of joined over 30

  2. Really? You would give up £30k to work for £13k..and probably never get back to £30k whilst in the Army?

    What would your reasons for joining be? If it is a chance to se the world/go on operations, keep your civvie job and join the TA.

    Just playing devils advocate...
  3. I'm 26 and joining in January.
    I cant see why i would have a problem with somebody younger giving me orders.
    Getting shot, well i'm joining the army so its possibble it will happen, hopefully it won't but if it does, it does.

    It's all down to you, weigh up the pro's and con's. For me there was no doubt, i'm joining the army and thats that, I want to be a soldier, end of.
  4. I joined the RAuxAF at 46 as a pebble monkey and got through RAF Halton. I'm finding it a bit of a struggle now though.

    Worst thing is being assumed to be the resident Squadron Paedo.
  5. never getting back to 30k in the army?? Why you think that? Sgt pay is about 30k, plus 30k in civvy street is a lot less then 30k army pay when you take into account benefits you get with the army
  6. You reckon your going to make Sgt in 9 years? Even if you do how long are you going to be one for before you have to leave and then look for a new job?
  7. So you think I'm being optimistic??
  8. You don't have to leave at 40. If you did, no one who joined after the age of 18 would get a 22 year career.
  9. Off thread, but I couldn't resist.
    You'll find that you have far more staying power (oo-er) than the kids do. As long as you don't get injured, you'll find that the same OLD faces turn up to training month in month out. The Paedos often outnumber the rent-boys in my mob.
    Plus whenever you're off base, everyone assumes you carry some rank allowing you to push to the front of queues. Don' dis Da Grey Mafia blud!

  10. I did wonder what he was on about, maybe there an age limit for promotion
  11. Ok sorry, what is the maximum you can serve as an NCO?

    Well looks like you have longer than 9 years so maybe not!
  12. Think about long would it take you to reach sargent? For arguements sake, lets say 10 years. In 10 years time your civvie pay will be much much more (I would hope). pay would also go up with inflation (I would hope) but I bet not as much as civvie pay, what with bonus's, promotions etc etc.

    Don't get me wrong, if its a decission you want to make, then go for it, 100% behind you, but I wonder if you have really thought this one through?

    Its not all about money etc at the end of the day, but it bloody well helps ;)
  13. That said I do know one person who did crafty to WO1 in 12 years.
  14. Your quite right it's not all about money but just as an example what I would save in rent is worth 6000 a year so that 13 basic all of a sudden becomes 19k, then take what the army put into a pension then the salary better again, on civ street I don't currently pay into a pension if I did a sensible one would probably cost me £300 a month so that's £3600 a year so taking my rent and pension my civ pay is down to £20400!

    Tell me if you think my logic is wrong??

    Back to the theme of the thread and leaving the money issue out I was trying to establish any pros and cons at joining at this age instead of early 20s, will I be treated different pushed harder etc
  15. I agree.
    I'm 27 and at the begining of application stage. I wouldnt mind if someone younger gave me orders as he/she has earnt their rank.
    Not the same in civvy street you could have someone younger bossing you about just because he/she knew someone in high places.