Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by mrpaul, Aug 17, 2006.

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  1. Huh, I just posted this and it disappeared, oh well -

    How do a national AGC unit compare to a standard TA unit (where I would be the only clerk)

    I have spoken to Worthy Down and my local unit, both willing to accept me.
  2. Go for the Independent Unit.

    You should get to do more than just being stuck in the office, or being seen as a Temp (which is how I look upon the CVHQ bods). You don't mention what the local unit do, but if they're RLC you'll get to drive trucks, Infantry you can be an extra man in a rifle section, Medics will get you some medical type training, etc.

    Drill nights are usually busy, as you have a job to do, as opposed to being the labour force for someone else!

    Most of the work is done during the day, so you provide the link between the troops in the unit and the PSAO.

    Less competition for rank, although if you have more AGC in pot, it can be a case of deadmans shoes for promotion, especially as AGC can stay in longer.

    Be prepared for the odd comment, but if you're keen and switched on, and can do the job the guys do as well as you're own, the comments will soon stop.
  3. Yep, will probably opt for local unit. Some of the girls there are pretty fit (ok, not my main reason).
    There is no AGC there at all at the moment, so it will give me a chance to shine.
    Literally been told 10 minutes ago (ex reservist), I'm off to Iraq in 2 weeks so will try and get myself in as quickly as possible.