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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Heelander, Dec 21, 2005.

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  1. Folks,

    I'm in my late 30's, an accountant by trade and want to join the TA (officer).

    Had a look around and realised that the only branch / corps I could join - becuae I'm so old - was the AGC.

    No problem thinks I, I am an accountant after all and age has to be a factor.

    Stumbled across ARRSE in my efforts to glean more information and am now left thinking, "the brochure says that as an AGC soldier/officer you're a soldier first and foremost and then a 'specialist' clerk" - slight oxymoron, but never mind. Having spent some time on the ARRSE I am now left thinking, "this AGC lark sounds a little like my everyday work except a) I don't wear DPM to work at the moment and b) The Group FD isn't quite as intimidating as a bunch of Para's who have not been given their weekly ration of beer vouchers".

    My question to yourselves is, "as an AGC TA officer what would I actually find myself doing, does anyone out there have first hand experience and quite simply, would you recommend it?"

    Grateful for your thoughts.
  2. If it means that we get our pay and bounty on time go for it !
  3. Why don't you PM Abacus and ask him. He is extremely knowledgeable on these matters. Your age might be a problem if you don't have previous military experience. You will also spend some time becoming a soldier first, eg - living in the field etc.
  4. Hi there Heelander.
    In a similar scenario to yourself, age dictated I joined AGC in Aug. Recruit training is a fantastic experience you'll remember for ever. Truth be told I'm finding the office work dull, but has potential for improvement. The more experience & training you get the more varied the office role becomes. You will get the chance to train for roles outside the office - I'm up for getting some driver training, & should be able to get some radio ops training in the not too distant future. I'd recommend you join up & try it, you could always resign if it didn't light your fire, and I imagine you'll just regret it if you don't give it a try.
  5. Where are you located?
  6. Cambridge.

    Now I know that this is going to give rise to some well-deserved slagging, but I've replied to a couple of PM and the messages stay within the 'Outbox'.

    Have tried various permutations, but can't get these into 'Sent'.
  7. Heelander they will go when the recipient logs on next.
  8. The messages stay in the 'Outbox' until the recipient opens them, when they will move themselves smartly over to 'Sent'.
  9. Just thought that with that user name you might be in God's Country (Scotland for those in doubt)
  10. Just an idea - may work - why not try joining the AGC and then transfer to something that interests you more?