AGC TA - Your Thoughts Please!


I'm in my late 30's, an accountant by trade and want to join the TA (officer).

Had a look around and realised that the only branch / corps I could join - becuae I'm so old - was the AGC.

No problem thinks I, I am an accountant after all and age has to be a factor.

Stumbled across ARRSE in my efforts to glean more information and am now left thinking, "the brochure says that as an AGC soldier/officer you're a soldier first and foremost and then a 'specialist' clerk" - slight oxymoron, but never mind. Having spent some time on the ARRSE I am now left thinking, "this AGC lark sounds a little like my everyday work except a) I don't wear DPM to work at the moment and b) The Group FD isn't quite as intimidating as a bunch of Para's who have not been given their weekly ration of beer vouchers".

My question to yourselves is, "as an AGC TA officer what would I actually find myself doing, does anyone out there have first hand experience and quite simply, would you recommend it?"

Grateful for your thoughts.
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