AGC(SPS) VEng Board - 2009 - Illegal results

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by britbob, Jun 14, 2009.

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  1. Not sure if many out there have seen the latest SPS VEng Board for 2009 but in my eyes it is totally unacceptable. When VEng was introduced for individuals to be put forward for longer service it was stated that individuals would be considered for VEng in your last 3 years of service. I believe the whole Army has signed up to this with certain Corps/Arms turning it down for their own reasons.

    Therefore why is it that this year the AGC(SPS) has seen fit to include everyone who is due out even up the end of 2009. Yes, there are individuals on the list who are due out in a couple of months time and even individuals who do not fall into the last 3 years of service re-mitt. All those who were boarded years ago, on their 3 year mark have been boarded again, and many have been successful.

    How will this hold up in a court of law if an individual had the balls and money to take the Army, or the AGC(SPS), to court. How can the Corps seem to change the wider Army rules to suit themselves.

    This needs to be addressed at a higher level, HQ AG, DM(A). This should not be allowed. We are always told that ‘rules are rules’, therefore how can they change such a ruling on individuals careers.

    Yes, I was an unsuccessful candidate who may have stood a chance if they had stuck by the rules.

    Then again the AGC(SPS) is run by Muppets who can’t even get the Admin right for a Corps that deals in Admin! And they preach to us about ‘Rules and Regulations’.
  2. Not sure where you got these rules and regs from, but they are not known to me.

    There is document somewhere on the t'intraweb that details each Corps and, in some cases, capbadges' rules on the matter. I read one that was passed around my unit, but I couldn't tell you where to find it.

    Pretty sure in my Corps, there have been several boards sat, and they included ALL personnel in that trade/grouping regardless of time served or time to go.
  3. Lol, if you dislike the SPS so much why be bitter? Get out and and get a secretarial or typist/filing job somewhere for a good boss who will look after you
  4. Not in the Lodge then?
  5. He's already got one of them.
  6. I'm afraid the Army can change their recruitment and retention policy to reflect its needs as can any employer. It may not always me even handed but generally the boards are fair.

    Suck it up fella.
  7. The AGC has always changed the goal posts, but normally do only do it when there is a valid reason for it. For the original author of this thread if you can't live with the decisions being made "BY THE MUPPETTS" why not transfer to another Corps or sign off, if it's that bad. Yes the Corps has its drawbacks, but so does every other one in the Army. I for one enjoyed my career with the AGC(SPS) and it was a stepping stone to my career outside.
  8. Saw the results and was 'a tadge surprised' by some of the extremely old and bold that got it. My main gripe is the fact that successful candidates are meant to be deployable 8O . This, for some, does make their selection a complete mockery; given that they are downgraded and haven't deployed in the last 10-15 years (if ever) :!: I would love to see the blind panic that would ensue if said individuals were now warned off for HERRICK........(crash diet.....dig out putties......pull out sick chit)

    That said, there are also some very good eggs on the list.
  9. ^
    | Everyone else
    Quality Line
    | You
  10. He's not kidding either. He's the life and soul of that typing pool and his filing is to die for.
  11. If you think you have a valid case put in a Redress.

    Otherwise dry your eyes, Princess and accept that on this occasion you didn't make the quality line
  12. did anyone else have the Simon Bates tune going off in their heads when they read that?
  13. A red dress? Cross dress? Will that work? I suppose he is AGC so it may just do it!
  14. I couldn't read it for crying.
    :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

    Fancy not getting VEng in the AGC - you must be really shite.
  15. Stand by for the Elite SPS Military Clerk in red dress, found dead in stationary cupboard headline.

    "The deceased, who for security reasons can only be identified as 'Tippex 10' ..........

    .....friends and colleagues of the deceased are this morning mourning the loss of a man descibed as a 'whizz' with a scientific calculator and who actually looked good in a frock"