Apologies if this has been covered before but I've been unable to find it.

I'm a Sgt and am intending to mobilise for a Herrick tour soon and would like to know if I can expect to mobilise into a SPS role and if so what might it likely be? Or is it basically you show willingness to go and you are fitted in where needed?
Well hit Greenslime!

However, the communication in my unit is next to zero hence the question.
Unless your volunteering for, and qualified for, some other role (i.e. Linguist), then you'll go into an SPS slot 9 times out of 10. There aren't that many slots open to all capbadges. Whether that means you'll deploy in an FAO, HQ or elsewhere, at least you'll be doing what you've trained to do.

You will likely get told exactly which post you'll be allocated to and once you know that you can contact the present incumbent to find out what the exact job entails. Depending on your Bde SPS branch you'll then be invited to be briefed and/or given top-up training prior to RTMC.

In my experience, you are much more likely now to find out well in advance what and where you'll be working (as opposed to my first two deployments back in the 90's where it was very much 'need to know' / bums on seats!).

Regardless of where you end up, ejnoy your tour!

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