Has anyone attended a TA SMQC course for clerks? I was not aware that they existed but I have been told that I may be attending one so I need to find out what might happen and what the requirements are. Any info or links would be appreciated. Thanks.
This is very out of date, but CVHQ used to run it with their own regular staff - a WO2 and two Sergeants.

SMQC seems to go in and out of fashion within the AGC(SPS) (V). It wasn't deemed mandatory for promotion and then became a requirement although as CVHQ shrank, seems to have faded away again. A fellow JNCO and I did ours in part to avoid any comments that we'd not done a SMQC.

The guys who were part of the specialist pool at CVHQ seemed to think it was a tick in the box course, and then a new regime at CVHQ turned it into a very good course. Not quite Brecon, but a hard course where you had to put the effort in, and they weren't afraid to fail people. Two out of the ten on my course, and similar rates for the two other courses I knew people on.

In my view, it's worth attending a SMQC to demonstrate that you have the skills and abilities to be a Sergeant. People might look at the capbadge and dismiss us as "only a clerk" but as a SNCO you're going to get hit with more than just the filing.

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