AGC(SPS) New Job Title: Combat Human Resourses Specialist

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by desk_motorist, Feb 20, 2009.

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  1. So, the news today is that we are changing our job title to Cbt HR Spec. Views????????
  2. Don't see what was wrong with "Clerk" myself.

    Surely HR Specialist or something would be fine. Why the need for "combat"? Just seems like the hierarchy are opening you up for ribbings! :lol:
  3. It is supposed to be more attractive to potential recruits. I believe the Medics did this when they changed their title to Cbt Med Tech and it increased recruiting significantly.

    I suppose anything is worth a go!
  4. Combat Special Services Delivery Operative anyone?

  5. Fine but ditch the "combat" in anything but a COMBAT trade (ie Inf, Tankies, Engr support ie people up front) this just looks chad.
  6. I heard it was Combat Resources Administrative Personnel - CRAP for short.
  7. Stop bringing this thread to the top, I am finding it sooooooooooo hard to resist.

    You are just teasing me :D :D :wink:
  8. What happened to us being 'Shiny Arrses'?
  9. That's just SO Eighties!!!

    (Yes I've still got my lightweights - and they still nearly fit).
  10. Combat? What the hell is "combat" about it? Why not go the whole hog and say "Combat Assault HR Ninja".

    I reckon HR Specialist is probably a good thing. No one is a plain garden-variety "administrator" any more are they? Even the photocopier bloke is now a "reproduction services manager" or other corporate-talk BS.

    Serious question - if one of the Corps' roles is Information Administration (iAdmin) and running the iHub, then should "information" also be in the title. Surely the job isn't just HR. Or is there a cunning plan for IM-type people?

    Combat HR and Information Specialist. CHRIS. It would be funny for a couple of days!
  11. and if you replace Detachment with Team we become CHRIST. Surely nobody wouls laugh at that?
  12. How about "Vaguely Military Orientated HR Monitor* and Staff Bitch"

    *JPA boy and girls, we do our own admin.
  13. I can't believe you are trip tropping on here and making speilung mastaykes.
  14. Ahem, do you really? In that case, PM me your number at work, I have got a couple of burning issues about JPA that I would love to discuss with you. I don't claim to be a JPA Ninja - I have "boys" to help me out (Cheers B&T, LJS and JT).

    So my dear, carry on doing your own admin, but when your pay and leave is shagged, please feel free to break your knee and come dribbling to us without a leg to stand on* .

    Sluggy xx

    *See that, I managed to get a bit of humour in there. I'm not always serious.
  15. Why don't we just civilianise our jobs and when we need to deploy, we call in the TA! No need to recruit for Regular Army, manning sorted, job done. I will always be a shiny arrse and brew bitch until the day I leave.