AGC(SPS) female mess dress for sale

3 piece AGC(SPS) mess dress for sale, waistcoat, jacket and skirt.
Size 8-10, I am 5 foot 4 but wear it with heels.
Immaculate condition and dry cleaned so ready to wear
Currently has Cpl stripes on but easy enough to get altered in the tailors if needed.
Open to sensible offers.
The power of Google.
The power of Google.
Bingo. Just reading her friend's text speak on her long forgotten social media gave me a brain hernia. She is fit though so I'd be up for a date. Don't worry about giving me the address, I can get a google photo of her parent's house easily enough and meet her there. The thick bint.
Your Persec is shit. You are quite fit though.
Are you sure you've got the right Tanya Evans?

Fit and AGC aren't two things I'd normally expect in the same sentence.
Must resist, must resist........

A fine upstanding female member of the AGC(SPS). Thank God I'm out now.
To the OP - you may want to start a new thread on this if you wish to have a hope of getting your frock sold.

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