AGC(SPS) Corps RSM Name?


I had the sad duty of being a pallbearer for a colleague (ex RA, then SPS) last week. Sadly the Big C took him a short time after he'd completed 23 years service. Particularly devastated as he passed away 24 hours after I'd made a run from Cambridge to Durham to see him at the hospice. Have to say we had a damn good day in that short visit and along with another ex RA/SPS colleague, managed to manhandle him and his chair down to the Duke of Wellington in Belmont for a sunday roast and a couple of 'refreshments'.

Minds are always all over the place at funerals and I was surprised to see a guy I once worked with in about 97/98 who I only remembered as Rob, but not his surname. Things were pretty busy getting ready at the church so there wasn't much time to chat and the conversation went something like this......

Me: Rob?
Him: Hello Indigo!
Me: Surprised to see you here. Did you work with 'dearly departed' then?
Him: I'm Corps RSM so was asked to attend by the Regimental Association.
Me: Corps RSM! Who's arrse have you been shagging to get that then?

Got dragged away right after that to get lined up ready for the hearse and as he didn't attend the crem or wake wasn't able to have a couple of pints of catch up with him.

Can anyone PM his full name and an address at Worthless Down or even an email address to me so that I can write him a letter of thanks.

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