AGC Ski Champs 2008

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by zxninerpilot, Jun 13, 2007.

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  1. Does anyone know what the dates are for the AGC Ski Champs in 2008?

    Last years was awesome, though digs were a bit far away from The Dorf!! Bloody long walk home, was almost sober when I got there!!. Need to book time off for the next one, hence the request.


  2. Be nice to have the time to spare....
  3. Yes, it is. Very.
  4. It will be in March next year, dates to be confirmed but it will either be weeks 1&2 or 2&3. Recce goes out early next month. There should be something more following that. Glad you enjoyed it !!
  5. Obviosly don't have a real job if you can get 2 weeks off for skiing!! Can't remember the last time I had time off for AT!
  6. And err.....who gives a f*ck?
  8. Transfer then. And stop moaning FFS. You could jump across in time for next years event.
  9. Thanks, was absolutely unbelievable.

    Any updates on 2008 event yet? I guess weeks 2 and 3 would clash with Easter, and swarms of holiday makers?

  10. By the way, need any help on the recce? I hear there is skiing on the glacier now.
  11. Sorry my mistake, I thought you were a soldier not just another LE freeloader.
  12. Done my time, just getting some payback.

    Nothing wrong with freeloading, if you've earned it.
  13. Touche