AGC SGT back in AFTER jail sentence

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Bravo2nothing, Aug 21, 2006.

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  1. Was he just done because he was misinformed, or his Decree Absolute came through late? I still think that he should have done more time and be sacked as he was also a tea leaf. We don't want or need his type in the military.
  2. A AGC sergeant able to finish a sentence, cant even finish typing a bloody CR on time.
  3. Thieving twat should never have been allowed to soldier on.

    Great advert for the British Army. It is Ok to be a thief and a liar, we are so desperate for people we will keep you in.

    I wonder how many times he "accidentally" stole?

    Unfortunately I expect him to be promoted soon.
  4. What an utter twat he sounds! Why is this man so desperate to stay in? He's been busted down to Pte - huge pay drop and everything - I don't understand!!
  5. Busted down to private and no doubt will pick up his tapes sooner rather than later.

    Deception should be an automatic bar to re-entry.
  6. Disgraceful. Dishonesty is completely unaccepatble from a SNCO. Presumably he has also lost any vetting he might have had. In happier, better recruited days, he would have been kicked out on his ar*e.
  7. You are all amazed that an AGC SNCO got his allowances wrong......?
  8. Yes. I would not be surprised if he got our allowances wrong...but his own?? :twisted:
  9. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Chill pal, he was only following the example set by the Cabinet.
  10. When I was court martialed the case that preceded mine was an AGC SNCO. He was Pay Sgt and guess what, yes sticky fingers.

    I think he got 18 months (he had the same defence team as me, that was a morale booster) and around 20k was recovered, but I seem to remember the suggestion that another 100k had not and would not be recovered.

    It seems to me some of these lads have access to a lot of easily stealable dosh, bound to be the odd one who gets tempted.

    Don't know if they should be kept in though!
  11. We don't his sort, give him a big Fcuk Off pill.
  12. What a fine example of soldier to have back in the ranks. Standards slipping - The British Army? Never!

    When you consider the current climate of scrutiny (ARRSE included) the media is going to have a fecking field day. So, expect the usual Red Top slant. Methinks that we're learniing lessons from training the new Iraqi Army - I'm led to believe that there are a few wrong 'uns in there, that a blind eye has been turned to.

    20 years ago, soldiers could be proud to be a member of the British Army precisely because toe rags like this, were barred, and the nation really looked up to the forces. Today, sadly not.
  13. Is this thread a very clever Wah!

    It has to be a Wah!!

    The lunatics have finally taken over the asylum......................
  14. Looking at the picture of him in the sun, (sorry can’t find link, I read the hard copy) he seems to have 3 medals

    GSM, 1 looks like a South Atlantic Ribbon and 1 looks like an LS&GC

    Bearing in mind his age, he certainly would not qualify for a Falklands medal and at the time did not have enough man's service for the LS & GC, can we add WALT to his list of crimes?