AGC (RMP) Mess dress for sale

Complete Jacket with Sgt stripes, RMP collar badges, waistcoat and trousers. Worn twice. Now left so not much cop (excuse the pun).

To Fit 6ft 1, 44 inch chest, 36-38 inch waist. So should be able to be tailored to the lesser figured man.

Any serious offer PM for further details.
If you live in the South of England take it into the Clothing Store at Worthy Down. They sell them there and send you a cheque once sold. I think they take 10% commission.
Alternatively place it on Ebay with some c0ck and bull story that it was worn whilst fighting the rebels in the Stan during the spoon offensive where the taliban rebels had their eyes gouged out with a mark 1 spoon and their eyeballs were used as conkers by the coalition!

Make sure you get it on the .com site so the yanks see it, they love a story they do, you will have made thousands in the first day!


Throw it in the bin!
PM sent.....

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