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Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by fangy1, Apr 27, 2012.

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  1. I thought that I had 'volunteered' to give one days pay a year to the Regtl Assoc years ago (my boss was explicit that it would be a career foul if I was not seen to be 'loyal').

    Checking my pay slip I now seem to be paying far more that 1/12 of my daily rate of pay, I can't ever remember being asked about that increase - were you ?
    Has anyone actually seen any financial accounts for our 'Charity' ? I thought they might be published on the Regtl Assn website but I can't see them - can you ?

    I just would like to know how much I am mean to be paying and where it all goes to - is that not a requirement for those who contribute ?

    I hear that there is a huge wad from the Fund being used to offset costs of the Corps Day next month (20th anniv), I would like to see what I am paying for.

    I have contibuted for many years and I am happy to support the causes I thought I was paying into - for those of our people who fall onto hard times and need help.

    I am NOT content to subsidise other activities 'carte blanche' such as skiing, polo etc (exclusive activities which attract a very senior audience) and a Corps event that many of us cannot attend where my money is offsetting costs to passing civvies, retired dignitaries (retired senior officers), all because RHQ have organised something noone is interested in.

    Should we not be consulted and informed on what we pay and where it goes ? Too late now before next months unpopular event takes place but they should show where ALL the grants go to so we can query if the amount we contribute is going where the members really want it to.
  2. Are you sure it's not 'Service Days Giving' as that's what's on my statement, correct me if I'm wrong.

    So is this just a moan or Why not put a letter in writing to the Reg Assn stating your reasons for requesting it be withdrawn, or IIRC speak to your RAO, on the plus side the Assn assists Depts with Functions, Activity days out & anything else that gives you an excuse not to be in work so for 'one' day it's hardly the Robin Hood crime of the century is it?

    If it really grips your Sh$t I'm sure the Col would love to hear from you ;-)
  3. ODP or SDG - you call it what you want, I joined the former and JPA created the latter.

    Why not publish the details then ! I am not questioning the purpose of the fund, just the fact that we SHOULD know how much we pay in (100% appears to be nearly 200% ?) and where it goes.

    PRI, Sgts and Officers mess all have meetings and rules explaining financial affairs - why not the Assn who we must give dosh to ? Other capbadges do.

    I suspect that many attending the Corps Day will be guests who my subs are funding - unfair & not what we signed up for.
  4. I got a letter from the AGC Assc today today telling me they are giving me £250 because I am getting MD'd but I have to put the application in AFTER I've left the Army.

    That's where the money goes. It goes to me. Mwahahahahaaaa.

    Oooh, what shall I spend that £250 on?

    ■Acct Name: holidays4heroes
    ■Sort Code: 40-12-09
    ■Acct Number: 41416081
    ■IBAN: GB29MIDL40120941416081

    That's all I have to say about that really.
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    Only £250? What did you do wrong?

    My post above was aimed at the OP, by the way. We got crossed in the, er, post.
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    Shitty mood is still on. Woe betide you slate clerks, or you will have me to deal with.
  9. Well 'Bob', I don't want to get into a slanging match but your post confirms that you are something of a thicko, albeit not as hyper-emotional as the Slug - I though she was well past the menstrual cycle by now, if she ever had one - ugh !

    It is that itsy-bitsy attention to detail and reading the f***** question that has held you both back in your careers, take the hint.

    Back to my post then:

    a. The accounts don't state the % members of a days pay the AGC personnel pay (do RMP pay the same as SPS ?).

    b. The Assn spent £29k on 'Other' and 'Grants and Donations' - only slightly less than the £31k on Benevolence and Welfare. Also there is a socking great 47k in Debtors (no doubt to be shown this year in Grants & Donations). Benevolence & Welfare - proper job, that is what it is for. The detail on the £29k & £47k does not pass muster: what was the 29k spent on and what was the 47k spent on ? You can't tell from these accounts and I am certain you would ask for that detail on a Mess meeting like I would - or are you one of the spineless hand-raisers who don't want to upset the status quo. I would like to know where my money goes it should be broken down, if not on those accounts then on the Assn website. Only fair ?

    Oh and Slug - you are retired so should have better things to be doing than posting on here - go and pour salt on youself & shrivel away, the rest of the Corps are sick of you (were for years) and glad you have slid away !

    Hope I have not insulted anyone, nothing personal.
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  13. You're not making any sense. £47k worth of debtors is an asset, i.e. funds owed to the Association. It's not a liability like debt owed by the Association to creditors.
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    It's like feeding the penguins at the zoo.

    Nothing personal, you dork.
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