AGC officer transferring to Inf.

uncled said:
Im bored of sitting behind a desk. Is anyone aware of the transfer process for Officers into the inf.?

Yep, go to Sandhurst and finish in the top third...
uncled said:
Not a forced decision it was my own decision, now regretting it, any useful advice?
OK, sorry for the dangle, but nice bite.

If you have served with an infantry battalion as a det comd then get back in touch with them and see what they think your options are.

Go back to first principles and work out which regiment you would like to join and then speak to their Home HQ.

The policy is owned by DM(A). The desk officers there may be able to give you a steer.

The process is liable to be long-winded, as it is fairly archaic. The experts of how the system works are Occurrences Wing at APC (or whatever they have become under their reorg). The decision is taken/ratified by the Army Commmissions Board who sit infrequently, but you should be able to find the timetable on MS Web. Do not be disheartened if it is slow. I have known some case take as much as 18 months from agreement in principle to changing cap badge: others have been much quicker.

Oh, and be sure you know what you are likely to be letting yourself in for.
Thanks for the grown up advice is very useful. Trying to get the process going ASAP as i am aware of skill fade from RMAS!