AGC Mess Dress

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by ticklishrodent, Jan 30, 2004.

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  1. Does anyone know who designed or approved the design of the Mess Dress as I would personally like to truss them up by the gonads as would 90% of SNCO's in the Corp (exceptions being SET as they alwways agree with the 'Management') :twisted:
  2. Seeing as how you raised the subject, who the fcuk gave the AGC permission to wear red jackets? Hundreds of years of tradition, whereby only infantry and engineers wear red jackets, blown away in an instant. Almost as bad as letting lumpy-jumpers carry swords. Harrumpf!
  3. FNU_SNU get over it lad :roll:
  4. i liked their original kit, that they had for about 10 minutes, was it green and grey or some shite like that.
    I remember the pay bloke in Hong Kong with his shiny new kit on (i was duty junior dicked to wait on) then having him moan when they changed it.
  5. it is a ballache though. I got mine tailored in Cyprus for about half the price and they were willing to cut it how I wanted it, to give it a little 'breathing' room. My first mess kit was from costello's who just couldnt be arsed to get it right. As for the style hmmm must have been some cavalry wallers on the dress committee that decided that one.
  6. Hey, live it up - it's guaranteed to get you dragged into bed quicker than any other uniform. You will also get a massive extra bonus for field officer spurs....

  7. clink, clink, clink, clink,clink, Howdee!, clink, clink, clink,clink.......
  8. Personally, I didn't really like having any skin on my neck anyway, that lovely gold braid doesn't half chafe !!! :)
  9. FS, you ever seen the AGC mess kit?? Obviously not. The make P+O stewards look fetching!!!!
  10. I happened to be serving ath the AGC Centre of Excellence (?) at Worthy Down when the Corps was formed. There were a number of designs for the new Mess Dress put before the Mess and the shiny new Corps RSM (A Mr Shane Short, six and a half feet of RMP fruit machine addict) selected the magnificent uniform which now proudly adorns all our bodies.

    He appeared in the News Of The World some time after he was commissioned for sexual antics unbecoming of an RSM whilst he was at Worthy Down. A real pity and none of us laughed. :wink:
  11. Type in "AGC mess kit" into Google search engine and note the second site offering.

    Says it all really :D
  12. Hootch you are sooooooooooo right it about sums it up the only thing missing is the gimp mask only to be worn at Regt Dinners

    As for Mut I thought the RSM's for the Corps were picked because of there sexual antics :lol:
  13. Mut glad you like it as you will get the chance to wear it again on 23rd April remember the SET 'Bootie Boys' will be out in force and fall over as usual b4 the port is finished
  14. Don't like it really - just my sarcasm didn't come across as well as intended. It is like wearing a straight jacket combined with a dog collar 3 sizes too small.

    And the whole suit seems to shrink with age - why is that?
  15. Shrink with age I think it is a design modification by the tailors guild. I have resorted to extra velcro on the oh so fasionable vest thing. Must remember to get down the MRS and scrounge some plaster tape for my neck for the Corps RSM dining in. BAAAAAAAARF :twisted: