AGC Mess Dress For Sale

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by Berlin_104s, Jul 15, 2011.

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  1. Morning All,

    I am due to leave the Army in 3 months time and I have an AGC Senior Ranks Mess Dress for sale. It has been worn less than 10 times and is in very good condition. It can go to any ARRSEr who needs one for ?350. Please PM me for further details.

  2. Hey fella, didnt realise you were out so soon!! Issue you have now is that all the newbie stripey's get a grant to buy their Mess Dress, so you might have to drop the price a bit!! i'm out in 15 mths and thinking of donating it to a local museum, which collects that sorta stuff!! a
  3. Size 52 " waist?
  4. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    Your not going to throw a hissy fit like BathBlade if we take the piss are you?
  5. B and T, I very rarely through hissy fits about anything :)

    Western, I am GPD not Fed :)

  6. KC,

    How much grant do they get? On the subject of getting out I did Have VEng but then changed my mind because I've had enough and the time is right for me. I look on it as gaining six months on my 22 as opposed to losing 18 months on my 24 :) Where are you now?

  7. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    Do you want an embroidered SPS badge?
  8. No thanks I'm trying to give them up ;-) however, if it's one of the blazer pocket ones I could do with a new coaster for my brew mug :)
  9. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    Nope, this was a big one.

    He had a right girly moment when we took the piss and had the thread deleted.

    I'm allowed to take the piss being SPS.
  10. I would expect nothing less :)
  11. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    Don't suppose you are in the Wiltshire area by any chance.
  12. Might be ;-)
  13. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    Worked in Andover?
  14. Berlin,

    sat in Andover at the moment, PM me and i will give you all the details!! Know how you feel regarding Army as i have had the same sort of epithany!!
  15. agc corporals mess dress for sale 34 waist medium chest/neck inbox me for details £250 ono