Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by partyr, Mar 12, 2009.

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  1. Why do the bods in MCM Div still insist they have a career profile for people, when for the last 5/6 years, it's been bums on seats.
  2. I think I know what you are on about, but you need to explain in more depth what you are trying to say.
  3. You talking about the SPS element of our proud Corps here or the fine members of RMP?
  4. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    Don't you start again!! :wink:
  5. I only asked a question Mavis
  6. Do you mean MS Sldrs CSS...AGC MCM is sooooooooo yesterday :D

    Seriously though, put yourself in their shoes. It must be a nightmare when they are faced with manning shortfalls at particular ranks whilst they (MS Sdlrs) are endeavoring to provide exposure to the individual within Fd Force, RD, Staff and the various roles therein. Not sure that I would want their job - do you go for the easy option, or indeed the only available option, of placing a 'bum on a seat'.

    In the ideal world you would map the bod to the position best suited in order to produce the best well-rounded (by that I don't mean fat WRAC's arse) administrator.
  7. I dont think the problems lies with AGC MCM, there is a preception that they post people 'willy nilly' and don't look after peoples' interests. The problem lies with the countless individuals demanding unreasonable postings / extensions etc. You look at the amount of single mam clerks, who all want to be based in a certain part of England or all the young clerks who want to be posted near their home or all the biff chit seniors who want postings in certain areas, it is impossible to meet all these 'needs'. Therefore when you here people slagging off AGC MCM Div it is generally coming from the mouths of problem children!!
  8. I certainly can't complain about them. I have always got what I have asked for in my PPP, although I have never been too specific.

    Asked for Germany got Germany, asked for near Portsmouth and got Marchwood, asked for JHQ got Elmpt - so happy all round.

    Of course there are plenty of people who do the old give me what I wan't or I am getting out - no sympathy for those type of people. Call their bluff and let them get out - bunch of arrses !