AGC LE Commissions for Cpls

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by Mutineer, Oct 15, 2003.

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  1. The Corps has once again surpassed itself, by selecting a Cpl for an LE Commission! There was me thinking that it was only open to SSgts and above, and of course any other capbadge who fancy giving us the benefit of their nano-second worth of administrative experience. Any thoughts...?
  2. Just about sums up the direction that the Corps are going - downhill rapidly. Bet he/she wasn't even dual trained ! 8O

    I might just put my application in now :lol:
  3. If they want to pick Cpls that is one issue that needs consideration. The crying shame is the fact that the DCI, rules, conditions etc aren't worth anything. Can we all now apply or was this a one off for someone's pal?
  4. I haven't seen the list yet for this year, but the DCI clearly sets out the rules-again I do not know the branch in question, but for example there is no lower rank limit for ETS-the question must be is the person qualified under the rules for LE and are they good enough.

    Perhaps this Cpl joined late and if younger would have been put up for RCB. This shows forward thinking on the part of the Corps-not just the "not until you are a WO1" attitude of some cap badges. Check you DCI and I'll be amazed if any rules have been broken.
  5. One of the Cpls was comissioned into the ETS, no complaints about that. The other one was comissioned into the SPS, apparently on the say so if the Brigadier, at least that is what I heard anyway.

    Good luck to her is all I say - she really must deserve it. :wink:
  6. The Corporal in question was commission on her own merits. Had she have been correctly career managed when she was younger she would have gone to RMAS Sandhurst and become a DEOfficer. As it was she was in effect career fouled by the system and so never had the oppotunity to attend RCB even though she had all the recommendations and qualifications to attend.

    The new rules will allow anyone over the age of 30 the opportunity to obtain a commission as long as they have the accademic requirements.

    By the way I do not know this girl, but wish her well, if she is not up to the job she will soon be found out.
  7. At the cost of sounding controversial, I wonder if HER has got any bearing on this SPECIAL case.

    It sucks, so she didnt get promoted as fast as the specified minimums etc and had some very good CR' has about 80% of the rest of the Army, are we all now eligible for a commission. I know lets commission anyone with 5 GCSE's over the age of 30......that wont happen however, and why? Because that would be EQUALITY. Flood gates must be opening wide in the AGC.

    Face it, the age old saying "its not what you know, but who you know" seems to me to be the logical answer to this episode.
  9. Exactly my point...lets all jolly along to Sandhurst...after all, how many of us have been promoted as our CR's recommended?......gosh it must be difficult in the AGC...not being promoted when your CR recommends you...and then both Combat and combat support arms woke, up pinched their arms and realised all this "but I was recommended and not picked up" was just a day dream.

    For once I feel annoyed enough to agree that the Army deserves this court case......
  10. You guys obviously have not yet seen the Sep 03 Directorate Newsletter (1/03) - which is available from all good bookshops!! It states that; from now on the Corps shall no longer impose minimum rank and educational qualification requirements for LE Commission applications. I am sure that this will now put the cat amongst the pigeons. 8O
  11. F*ck sakes. Now, not only will the Pay Office be staffed by F*ckwit former NCOs with commissions...................they'll have acne as well......and posters of Boyzone/Atomic Kitten on their office walls :lol:
  12. Any idea if this was published just in time to accommodate our deserving case - or is this a mere coincidence?
  13. Hmm this all sounds a little too who got her pregnant? or who made an illicit pass? or who called her a dyke maybe? got to be something behind all this aggro.
  14. M-P-S

    No idea I'm afraid. However, it all seems a little too coincidental if you ask me. 8O
  15. I personally think it a marvellous idea to Commission JNCOs (and Ptes?) over 30.

    Let us face it, SNCOs and WOs have spent years learning their respective trades and fine tuning their management skills. What a waste if we then go on to Commission them.

    No, JNCOs who have not had time to learn their job and have very little experience of management are perfect to put a pip or two or even three on their shoulders and join the (equally skilled) DE officers who 'lead' us.

    Also think about it - a JNCO/Pte aged 30 - 40 years old. Either a. They joined very, very late and therefore do not really know much more than how to bull their boots (do recruits still need to learn this skill nowadays?) or b. They are absolutely useless at their job so cannot make it to SSgt.

    Perfect candidates I think you will all agree.......