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Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by HarryBosch, Jan 31, 2008.

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  1. How long have the AGC been wearing that colour beret i.e. commando green? I could have sworn it used to be blue, but I'm sure somebody will put me right. :D
  2. Its not commando green mate, its slightly lighter so it doesnt p1ss the booties off too much :wink: Dont know how long AGC have had it but MPGS who are AGC have gone back to dark blue berets which suits me fine. Didnt wanna look like the all girly corps anyways :p :lol:
  3. Insn't it cyprus green, the old Int Corps colour?
  4. AGC green is actually rifle green, the same as that worn by the old LI and RGJ, and currently by the RIFLES. The AGC inherited it from the WRAC.

    INT CORPS green is cyprus green. They inherited it from the green cap covers of the Field Security Police

    There is nothing special about a green coloured beret unless it is commado green and awarded on completion of the commando course.
  5. Are you sure??? I don't think so. LI etc green is darker
  6. yep, rifle green is def darker..
  7. IIRC when the AGC (SPS) was formed, their beret was a darker green almost like the Rifles/RM colour. For some reason it appears to have changed to be more like the Int Corps cypress green.

    I'll have a look at their dress regs in work tomorrow.
  8. Trip_Wire

    Trip_Wire RIP

    Rifle green, is also the color of the beret worn by the US Special Forces Regiment.
  9. I seem to remember when our trusty old Pay Sgt. rebadged from RAPC to AGC ('92-ish?) the colour of his new beret was described as 'Laurel Green'.
  10. Yep Apr 92 and worn with pride ever since... On my first Parade wearing it my BC asked me what the new motto was to which i replied " Fcuk Off Were Closed" he thought it was funny but the BSM threw a track!!!!!!!!
  11. You can easily spot Rifles Green it has a soldier underneath it! :)
  12. LI green is definitely darker. The pictures I have been viewing of AGC berets are indistinguishable from commando green. What prompted my original query was a pic of some recruits on the MoD News site; one or tow were wearing Green berets. I then took a look at AGC site. Oddly enough, one of the pictures used on there is of some guys in the sand pit wearing green lids. If you didn't know what you were looking at you would not notice the RM flash and dagger on the guy carrying the Minimi. The picture leads the viewer, intentionally or not, to think it's a picture of AGC schoolies on Ops. It's probably an error on the part of the web designer.

    Anyway, I'm still wondering if at some point the AGC adopted the commando beret for themselves and if they did why somebody didn't point out that that particular colour signified completion of the cdo course, and if they knew that, why go ahead and give the order to wear it?

    Perhaps I'm wrong and AGC have been wearing it since before 1940 but I'm sure they wore blue in the 70s and 80s when I was in. Any old and bold recall when AGC began wearing it?


    PS I hope you're not wearing little black dresses as well as that would just be taking the piss :D
  13. Crazyk, thanks for the info :) I wonder which bright spark came up with the idea? No shame, obviously.
  14. Is it F*ck...
  15. Harry FYI its not a whaaaa did it & got a right rollocking from the BSM. Was also posted to 29 Cdo where NCT's were supposed to wear a blue lid but 7 Bty(Arbroath) wern't bothered what was on your head as long as you could do your job. Also put a collor dog in as a cap badge just to pi*s the RAOWO off