AGC FAM visit 6-8 August.

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by Joyce127, Jul 6, 2012.

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  1. Hey. As above just wondering if anyone is attending the above FAM Visit at Worthy Down, im sure with the mass majority of people on ARRSE there must be at least one!Joycey.
  2. Hello Joyce! Out of the millions on ARSE, I'm going to be attending the FAM Visit on the 6th Aug... I'm quite excited, what corps have you chosen?

  3. Hi James,

    Im currently serving as RMP at the moment mate. There is me and another lad from my unit attending as we are going through the Soldier - Officer Commission process. Im thinking of going back RMP however not to sure yet. What you thinking of joining?
  4. How interesting, I've been reading a little and it appears this is very common within the AGC. Both non-grads? What's his name?

    To be frank, I've applied to be a RMP Officer, however, am very much inclined to join the AAC as a pilot, failing that a guards regiment... Exploiting all options as you may imagine!! Indeed I have to take into consideration SDSR & 2020, not that it should affect me in the future given my choices.

    I've waited four months for this, really want to get to 'Briefing' now!

    Have you much experience within the RMP?
  5. Sorry for late reply mate was out haha. His surname is B***** he actually has a law degree. As for me i have GCSE's and a Diploma. I pushed for it and got my recommendations to go!

    I have served just over 4 years as RMP now. On my 2nd posting based out in Germany.

    Edit: PERSEC
  6. Extraordinary! Sounds like there's going to be some interesting 'Ice Breakers'. Technically I will be a non-grad if I get through, as I'm studying a BSc (Hons) - Physics as we speak, thus, will have to place my final year on hold if I pass. All depends on the time scale.

    Four years in the RMP, presumably that would make you a Corporal?

    I must say, you have me curious as to how many serving candidates there are going to be...
  7. Rod924

    Rod924 LE Reviewer

    Then as a serving RMP JNCO you will understand PERSEC no? Best edit your text lad
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  8. Thats correct. I am unsure as to how many there will be there but will be interesting to find out during the ice breakers. I dont even know how many people will be on the FAM visit but will be a good couple of days.

    Rod924 - Thanks, edited.