Hope this is an ok place to post this, I'm a bit scared of some of you guys, just by reading some of your posts!

I'm currently at uni studying business and education which will see me qualify as a secondary school teacher. Having recently joined the OTC I've started to look in to a career in the Army and would love to be able to mix the two things, so I'm now looking at the AGC ETS. I was just wondering if anyone here was able to give me a bit more of an insight in to what goes on, the sort of things they do, pros and cons, advice, that sort of thing. It would be a huge help!

Thank you in advance! :)
Do it mate. There are a couple of 'Ejumikaturs' who post here, you'll have to wait for them to show up after 'detention' but you'll get the answers that you need.

All the best.



As you might guess from the nickname, I know a thing or two about the ETS. If you think education (rather than business) will be your thing, and you want to start your teaching career in a relatively 'safe' environment, albeit after Sandhurst, then you won't go too far wrong. You will also get to do things other than teaching, and, seeing as we're the people who deal with personal development and resettlement, you have an inside track on those too - for your next career.

Downsides: the business side of you will hate the way the Army does things; you might have to do a PGCE (but you should get APA for your degree).

If you want to know more detail, PM me and I'll get back to you.

Failing that, speak to the Chain of Command at OTC, let 'em know which way you're thinking, and hopefully they'll put you in touch with the right people at AGC Officer Recruiting. Or PM me if they're unhelpful, and I'll point you in the right direction.

Hope this helps.

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