AGC(ETS) Officers- why attend the full Commissioning Course?

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by wager, Aug 10, 2009.

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  1. Hi guys,

    I have a question about Officers in the AGC (ETS) that I thought someone here might be able to answer. I understand that the Service is an all-Officer corps, is non-combatant and utilises a specialised, quite civilian orientated skill (in this case teaching), so similar in role, structure and employment to the Army Legal Service.

    My question is, taking account of its structure and role, why are its officers required to complete the full Commissioning Course at RMAS, rather than being taken in as Professionally Qualified Officers as the ALS are?

    I hope nobody takes it as a dig at the ETS, it’s not meant to be!


  2. I'm sure there is an "official" answer but here is my take

    1. To provide credibility with the rest of the army
    2. To equip officers for the various jobs and roles they undertake
    3. The requirement is merely to be a graduate, specialist training and career development takes place post Sandhurst and continues throughout the career.

    Any deviation from the Party Line is coincidental and not intended to portray and policy living of dead.
  3. Until a few years ago it was a PQO's branch. Don't know why they changed.
  4. Depends what you mean by "non-combatant".

    So your query could apply to clerks, cooks, truckies, dental techies etc etc
  5. Your quote "Until a few years ago it was a PQO's branch. Don't know why they changed"

    what do you mean by "a few years ago"...certainly not this century.

    Given the fact that ETS Lts deploy with Infantry BGs to theatres, officers work across the spectrum of operations in a wide range of activities (like all other staff officers) and can be found in G3/G7 functions just like their RMAS counterparts I would have thought that ETS officers perhaps are required to draw upon the excellent training offered by RMAS to a greater degree than many of their contemporaries.

    Also a " specialised, quite civilian orientated skill" is probably what CGS's are calling out for to adopt the comprehensive approach and adapt to a campaign footing. Certainly the way the ETS moving out of AECs and into the field army the requirement is more pressing than ever.

    nuff said.
  6. Cough!...Ahem....we Clerks are, quote: 'COMBAT HR Specialists' now. Do keep up :roll: