AGC(ETS) Learning & Development Instructor Pilot Scheme

Discussion in 'REME' started by Arr3eH0Le, Dec 14, 2009.

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  1. Is it just me, and as usual missed the boat ?

    Has anyone else heard about the recent search for LDI's for the ETS ?

    I went down to my IERO recently to get an Enhanced Learning Credit form signed, and mentioned I would consider AGC(ETS) LE Commission once complete, and he asked me if I had seen the information about the pilot scheme to introduce Senior Ranks to work in AECs.

    Apparently, Infantry, RLC and REME have been asked to provide up to six SNCOs to work for 2 years as a Learning and Development Instructor, and have either a PGCE or Cert Ed. paid for and mentored for their trouble.

    I spoke to RSW and was told the Desk Officers must know all about it, but having chatted to the SO2, he said he knew little of it, however 2 volunteers had been identified in REME.

    Forgive me, but how do you 'identify' volunteers ? Surely if this was decided as fairly as other assignments then this should have been posted on RSW site, or signalled to units or in some other way published, then the applicants filtered and boarded.

    I would have loved the chance to volunteer, but like the changes to promotion rules the messages don't seem to have made it to us.
  2. PGCE requires 18+ weeks in the classroom (not in an AEC), I would be very wary of offers of a PGCE through this route. I have had this discussion with instructors in the past; any teaching is good experience but eventually for a PGCE you have to prove you can teach kids. I would also add that Cert Ed is not compulsory for post 16 teaching and is possibly being replaced by the DTLLS.
  3. Cert Ed may be replaced by DTLLS, it's still being looked at, I have got PTLLS and will be holding off before doing CTLLS/DTLLS until nearer my ROD to see what FE colleges prefer by then.

    As for the PGCE with the ETS, the trials are for a 2 year posting, I found another thread, not ironically on the AGC forum, see here for the detail:

    I expect that the PGCE hours will be made up during the 24 month period.