Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by Outstanding, Feb 22, 2006.

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  1. Sorry if this has been asked but:

    Is one coming out?

    Will it be the same for all AGC? (or different SPS/ETS etc)

    Can you wear another TRF if you were originally in a different corps?
  2. O

    Been done to death already mate

  3. Thanks mate
  4. So I serached this out and found it. It doesn't say when these will be issued - any info?
  5. Already issued to most AGC subunits mate. I believe everyone is meant to be wearing the AGC ones prior to April.
  6. edited for all the right reasons
  7. AGC 1* in BA(G) not wearing his!
  8. Heard from my QM that they will not be issued until there are enough to give all AGC their entitlement at one go. That's alot of Flash!
  9. April you say? Well my next job in the summer involves civvies for 2 years so I'll forgive them for any slight delay in the rollout. Maybe they're waiting to see if any RAF/RN clerical badge implementation falls over first yuk yuk! :lol: :lol:
  10. Just had a chat with the SPS WO1 at work and seems that most branch TRF's have been issued at a scale of 5 per soldier. MPGS, MPS, ALS have all been done, ETS and SPS have yet to be issued. Alledgedly the date of April still stands although he said what the lads haven't got the lads can't wear. Hope this helps
  11. My source said that Dir AGC did not want them worn "haphazardly" by which I think he meant by some and not others. So thats a sound plan gone tuts up then!
  12. Seems that the SPS won't be wearing them yet then mate. I've seen the MPS, ALS and MPGS (Drove past the MPGS this morning!) all wearing their's and of course RMP haven't changed. SPS doing their own thing again :)
  13. MPs declaring UDI - cant we cahrge them?
  14. They'd get off on a technicality, with the whole case collapsing because they'd been 'cahrged' and not charged. Sorry :wink:
  15. What an Arrse spellar I am!