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A few years ago I saw a brief by an AGC Col saying that AGC(SPS) would be part of digitization due to the large number of technically IT competent people within the Corps.  Looking at Digitization 1 & 2, I cannot see the AGC(SPS) mentioned anywhere.

Have the AGC missed a bit of a trick here and decided to stick with the quill?
AGC have been heavily involved in Digitisation Stage 1 and 1.5...but most of the volunteers have decided to rebadge to the Bleeps!


My mate in the AGC told me that they aren't involved because the hierarchy decided that they only wanted clerks!

I tried to join the AGC, but I passed the Maths test! ;D


I tried to join the AGC, but I passed the Maths test! ;D
So using the tried and tested recruit selection process that probably means you're now in the Infantry!! ;D


No, not the Infantry - I had a stutter so they put me in the Sigs ;D (d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-don't give me a radio) ;D
Just as well u also dont talk blx...they would have offered u a commission in the Signals

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