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Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by clerk5678, Oct 19, 2011.

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  1. Hi,

    Does anyone have any infromation regading taking part in this eg. application forms, dates or any links ect. Thanks
  2. I could give you infromation ect but you make me feel sick eg.

    Is this the ******* quality now?

    Iron, are thise de topp qiality reqitts ments?

    Jesus ******* tonight. The dog can spell better than some of the ********* attempting to ask for assistance on here.

    I actually feel ashamed that someone like this is in our so-called Corps and someone recruited it.

    This Slug has been silent for a few days, but is ******* speechless now. This just takes the piss.
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  3. Just because you're a great big lard arse!!!! ;-)
  4. I just looked at all your "Started threads" - have you ever used google. It does the same thing as posting on here but quicker and without everyone calling you a ****.

  5. This lardy could kill you from here with her big fat fingers and you know it.
  6. Hi,

    Thanks very much for your prompt response. Judging by the number of posts both of you have posted (>10000 for the snail), neither of you have a job or very much else to do with your time. I did think that posting a simple question here targeted at AGC personnel might yield a better response but obviously not.
  7. Welcome to Arrse!

    **** ;-)
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  8. My reply was a tongue in cheek dig at The Snail. At at no point did I consider a reply to yourself, for this I apologise.

    As for having the temerity to average just over a post a day since I joined Arrse, once again I apologise.

    Regarding your original question, I have no infromation regading taking part.

    Yours, aye

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  9. Give your head a shake.
  10. Not much, but I'm fairly sure that you won't be able to take part sitting down...........or indoors
  11. What is it you do for a living again?? (Apart from smerking tabs and abusing gingers)
  12. If that fucko wants knowledge, it can grovel to me. This is the AGC gay thread, and if that **** dares to come into RHQ, it will be a very nasty experience.
  13. Snooze and bore people.
  14. Does Snailio's typing wpm not give you a **** off big clue???
  15. Obviously not.

    Ask yer lad to find out the infromatiun for it please before I really get started.